Wammo! Can you hear me now? Says your spiritual self

WAMMO!!!  Can ya hear me now? ???

says our Spiritual Self

Interesting how the Universe delivers.  We get a subtle knowing of the very thing or things we need to take a closer look at and think “Hmmm, okay, maybe I should spend some time with this and see what comes up”.  A week goes by and you’re still occasionally thinking about it (especially when something ruffles your feathers) and you think “Great reminder.  I’ll look into this very soon!”. 
Another week goes by and your patting yourself on the back for remembering that this is something that you need to spend some time with.  You justify and rationalize not spending the time with it, because you want to wait for that perfect time where you have good, uninterrupted time and can devote yourself to it wholly.  It’s all good.  You’ll eventually get to it.  Or will you?
Will you get to it before the Universe delivers a punch so big that you cannot postpone or wait a second longer?  Where you feel like a two by four has been delivered with a good solid blow to every single part of your knowing, with a deliberate “WHAMMO! Can you hear me now???” from your Spiritual Self,  ringing ever so loudly through your head. Stiff neck, frozen back, headache, digestive upsets… It’s almost laughable if you can get through the initial shock and pain of it all.  In fact, if you are aware enough you might be able to even appreciate it as its happening.   It is after all, proof that there is something bigger than the “ego self” at work here. How can we pay attention to our intuition so we avoid this in future?
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