Obstacles do not block your path, they are the path

obstacles do not block the pathI have always believed that we at a soul level choose our lessons that lead to the “obstacles” & “challenges” we face here on earth.

As a child I would tell my mother that we chose them while we were in Heaven, before coming here and that they are done for us not to us.

(She was not impressed with my point of view, she’d already lived first hand thru WW2, and at that moment were sitting on a park bench homeless – my mom, my baby brother and I had run away from my father who had beaten her again brutally, the church told her to go back to her husband – There were no women’s shelters back in 1967.)
I will forever admire her courage that got us through, but it didn’t alter my point of view, it reinforced it! For Us, not To Us…

 I have had to be reminded many times in my life here to look at what we are inspired to create, not fall into the trap of only looking at what we have created up till this moment.

I have also had to learn that the mantra I also operated under “the harder the challenge is the greater the reward” is a MYTH! Struggle does NOT mean “we are appreciated more nor is the opportunity for learning”. FACT:The harder the struggle just shows how OUT OF FLOW WE ARE!!!

When we are IN EASE we are IN FLOW. If life is easy it has great value to see how in alignment we actually are.

Let me polish the sparkle on that diamond for you a little bit more for you today. so you get it.

If you’re currently working on setting goals this will save you time and skyrocket your results. WE ARE CREATORS! W have created every moment, every opportunity, every thought, belief, obstacle. YOU ARE POWERFUL, AND EVERY MOMENT IS A PERFECT CREATION (even the ones you do not like!)

However the pitfalls that trap 99% of people is that they think their situations need fixing becasue they are broken. They need shifting not fixing, a new lens of perception.

See the #1 Biggest mistake most goal setters make is…

We focus on what we DON’T want! Right?

 Its a great way of noticing being off track, of seeing the contrast of where you are now compared to where you’d like to be …

 i.e. I want to get out of debt, I want a partner who is not annoying, abusive or takes me for granted, I want to not feel scared or have a scarcity mindset, I want to loose weight, I want to be out of PAIN or have my rash/IBS/PCOS/Chrones/blurry vision go away…

Do you see the pattern of those goals? 

All of them have a focus on the bad things you want to get rid of. If you are in PAIN you are somehow off track with your flow.

If that’s how you set your goals, all your time and attention will be focused on the problem you don’t want…

And as the saying goes: you get what you focus on! Yep it grows.

When we focus on fixing a problem we have to keep the problem, as soon as we get comfortably far enough away from the problem oops we snap back into it and start all over again. That is the yoyo effect.

Being in problem is usually in the energy band of 100MHZ and below … you cannot create from low energy. You need to fuel some anger to build a fire for change, and then the energy of courage (200MHZ) helps you step into creative energy so you can shift your current personality (personal reality) into where you envision yourself being.

For instance say these out loud:

Money flows easily to me.

I choose a life I love (includes a great loving relationship, health and vitality, living your true nature and purpose, being the predominant creator in your life!!)

Do you see and feel the difference?

If any of these VISIONS triggered you, your body or mind ….

then please join us this Wednesday night at 7 PM for our Group Healing Session “Time for a Tune-Up with Jessy the Body Whisperer” $49.00 CA for 60-90 minutes of stepping out of problem into a new lens of clarity and courageous easy momentum.


We will be educating you about the energy of Courage where we do our most profound healing.

We’ll be transporting you into the energy of courage and shifting your perception so you can be closer to achieving your GOAL/Vision/Life you love.

Free of anxiety, pain, and other things you don’t want.

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