Oh no, it’s Allergy season … or is it?

 Paul’s Story  – The truth behind his Ragweed Allergy

30 years of taking antihistamines and poor Paul still suffered from hay fever, ragweed, and other pollens. In fact his allergies were worse now than in previous years.


Even with faithfully taking allergy shots every week he no longer dared go play golf for fear that his eyes, nose, sinuses would swell shut. Spring and summer no longer thrilled him.

As amatter of fact he now had allergic reactions and sinus problemsall year round.  On top of that  now he had developed fibromialgia,  arthritis was setting in, and he had to walk with a cane just to move around. At only 57,  and he was constantly in agony. His qualtity of living was rapidly going down the tubes, and if this is what he had to look forward to retirement was not enticing.


Body Talk to the rescue!!



 The list of what he no longer could do was steadily increasing.


His massage therapist insisted he do something different. She had seen and heard me talk and do a demo at a wellness show and knew his lymphatic system was compromised and hyper-vigilant but lymphatic drainage and massage were not helping enough. In most allergy cases I pull out my vials of pathogens to desensitize and balance the body, but surprisingly …




Surprisingly his body didn’t want my energy testing vials to desensitize him to ragweed, other pollens, molds, or dusts as he suspected.




Rather it went back to the memory of an on the job injury he suffered in his 20’s, when working as a lines man for hydro. At that time when he was electrocuted and thrown down 50′ he broke his spine and several vertebrae. His fiance ditched him, and he had a long road to recovery. “Active Memory”



Long story short, every August his body remembers … and even though he is happily married (to the nurse who cared for him by the way),  and he has grand children now… his body did not realize the threat of electrocution was no longer imminent!


We needed to repair the blown fuses in his Central Nervous System and rebuild proper communication in all his nerve endings. Took four sessions…






You should have seen him the day he came in strutting without his cane, and announced he just played 18 holes of golf, and won!!!



HIs life was back!!!




If “Allergies” are causing your eyes to swell, tear or itch, and your nose to run or get stuffed up, call Jess to relieve your stress. The causes may not be what you’ve been led to believe they are!!!


When did your allergies start? What was going on in your life then? Your body knows, come in and find out your story and how to heal it.



Next week I’ll tell you about Laurel and her mosquito bites!

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