Oma’s Voxx Story

Do you like miracles? This is one miracle, a true storyThis is Oma, many of you know my mother.


oma walkerErnestine is 91 years old and we feared that her independence was finally over.

She had started to fall regularly. So, we purchased a walker, (we call it her rolling chair), and we were now actually anticipating to follow with a wheelchair soon.

After all balance disorders are among the most common reasons that older adults need medical attention.
In 2008, an estimated 14.8 percent of American adults (33.4 million) had a balance or dizziness problem during this year.
Falls and fall-related injuries, such as hip fracture,  have a serious impact on an older person’s life, and you too  if you are the one taking care of them.

A fall will limit your activities, isolate you, and can make it impossible to live independently.  (This was happening to Oma and it was heartbreaking to watch).

But wait, there’s more … this is not a sad story!!!


Paul Austin brought over a pair of Voxx Socks and insoles to demonstrate how this technology could help mom. I was really skeptical but polite, after all Paul is a really nice guy, he is persistent, believes deeply, and he means well ….


Well blow me away!!! He did a very gentle …orthopedic evaluation on mum. Just like this demo here


Simple testing, like:
1) brace your elbow, make a fist, resist me – she toppled over
2) hold your fists on your chest resit me pulling you over – a feather could push her over
3) same on the back – she had no core strength or stability
4) stand on one foot – nope, no balance (she is after all 91 years young)
5) hold a broom, twist to one side, let’s see how flexible you are – twisting was PAINful and limited


BUT WITH THE VOXX SOCKS ON, SHE WAS SOLID! BALANCED! FLEXIBLE! and PAIN FREE. She could even stand on one foot without toppling over!!!! SHE REFUSED TO TAKE ‘EM OFF.


SHE NOW SLEEPS WITH THE VOXXSOXX ON, TAKES THEM OFF TO BATHE AND PUTS THEM RIGHT BACK ON. She refuses to be without them. She has one of every style and colour.


She is back to being fiercely independent and mobile, and LOVING IT!!!
Oh yes, a pleasant side effect she has noticed, she no longer relies on “Depends” for incontinence.

When the body balances anything it balances everything!!!

oma with red hat resizedI can’t vouch for what everyone will experience , but for mum it has made a world of difference!!

Is it time for you and your loved ones to get voxxed?

Who do you know that would like relief from pain, more balance and their quality of life  back? Invite them into the VoxxLife Family and let them feel relief and Get Voxxed too …


Need more convincing? Private Message me if you want to know more about this VoxxLife technology. We can do a mini orthopedic evaluation and see if they will make a difference in your life too.


Or lets hold a “Take the VOXXLIFE CHALLENGE” PARTY and invite all your friends! They can all have the demo done to see if it improves their quality of living too !


Update July 2019 Voxx has now come out with patches so you dont have to wear socks in summer. Great for OMA becasue we can take her to the pool now!!


If you want to know more, here is a 3 min Video in the Science behind voxx soxx


voxx sox pain i can help


Yes of course I have become a distributor of these miraculous socks and insoles. Who doesn’t want to help others? I love witnessing miracles every day.


Yes I still continue to do Body Talk and all the Energy Consciousness Healing I do. Its who I am  – it is my purpose. A healer, a helper, a transmuter of pain into health. My motto is “I take you from I can’t… to I AM”. Voxx is my newest tool to offer people, and its Canadian too!


VooxLife is a new option that just may be the answer to help those you love that have balance and pain issues as they age.
VOXXLIFE’s amazing neurological technology, that improves balance, stability, range of motion and so much more. If you or someone you love could benefit from these amazing socks and insoles wouldn’t you want to learn more? Please pm me or go directly to my page and view some of the videos posted or click on the shop now button and order yours today!


Contact me if you want to help some one you love, you’ll be glad you did.


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