From PAIN to Purposeful, Passionate &Powerful


How do we go from in Pain  and “Just Fine” to Purposeful, Passionate & Powerful

Now that the frost has hit Barrie, the stores are in full gear with the “Before Christmas” trance. Before that stirs up your ‘emotional stuff’ it would be a good idea to take time to clean up our issues. Rarely do our families epitomize the Norman Rockwell picture of Xmas when they gather to celebrate with us – At least mine doesn’t, no matter how much we love them. They push our buttons, act like mirrors, and bring up our repressed “baggage”. 


Yes I too, still have baggage, that’s why I love these courses I am enrolled in, not only do they give me tools to help you to transform you, while I am learning I am also giving myself and my family a “make over”. The more emotional clutter I clean up, the younger I look and feel. (Funny – the tidier my house gets too! Go figure.)

Our ‘self-talk’ gradually becomes a permanent part of our body’s ‘Hard Drive’. Our self-talk is very important because it becomes our pre-determined way of looking at life, our paradigm. “Just Fine, Thank you” is our way of stuffing down and hiding from our own repressed emotions. Negative monkey chatter is like a dangerous mind virus (meme) in your life, and a simple ‘delete’ key is not adequate to fix the malfunction. In fact it acts just like a virus and makes us physically ill and traps pain in your body!

If you could clean this up by yourself you would already have done it by now. You cannot clean up the subconscious mind by using the conscious mind, you need to change neurology. With my help and your subconscious input we can erase, reformat and completely change your body’s Hard-Drive, so your mind will relax and become quiet, and then your spirit can soar. You won’t have to be “just fine” anymore. Be You, purposeful, powerful, full of energy and enthusiasm again!

You can do it. Come on in this week to start – (I leave Nov 15th, for 18 days) or book online now to reserve your spot upon my return Dec 3rd, so we can take out your “trash” and get prepared for a great 2013 New Year. We can even take your goals and drop them into your Future Timeline! Now that is really cool!

If Christmas season causes you old “Angst”, or gathering with your family brings up and pushes old “Buttons” then its time we “transformed” those issues and made you into the “New improved You” before Christmas and give everyone the GIFT of the New You – Healed, Whole, and Happy.

With the new techniques I’ve learned we can get things started with a 90 minute intake session. This is so cool. Book now, for your sessions from Dec 3 onwards. See you soon!

P.S. Thanks Rick for the computer analogy. Let me introduce you to my favourite computer guy. Get the Pros, get protected, call PC protex

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