Jesse’s story: Phone Phobia – just can’t make another phone call

“I hated phones, land lines, cell phones, answering calls, or making them. I would avoid calling friends or family (and it was exhausting when I tried), but now that I was in business for myself it was affecting my bottom line. I had to get over it!”

I put it down to a year of working in a call center, and feelings of hating that job. For me the phone weighed 2,000 lbs, I couldn’t force myself make it a priority. I wasn’t able to follow up, I procrastinated on calling even when I knew clients wanted me to call them. Ironic when you think everyone else my age is hooked on their phone, and afraid of loosing it.

But nope, I had the root of my problem all wrong, it went deeper than that. In our Body Talk session Jessy traced the core to an incident when I was 13 years old …

I was taking responsibility and making French fries for the first time. I left the stove to answer the phone, and by the time I told the person they had the wrong number the pot was on fire, soot was spilling out, and my feelings of being grown up had been dashed. The panic has been all I remembered of this incident, every time when I had to be on the phoneNow finally it’s gone!


Jessy used BodyTalk to reprogram the pathological meme my mind had hardwired. So now, answering the phone no longer means ‘I am putting my home and family  in danger’. Surprisingly I am actually enjoying calling friends and checking up on them. Even cold calling potential clients is easy now too!


Funny noticeable side effects:

1 – I have always avoided fried foods, but didn’t realize why. Now I no longer think they will kill me.

2 – My shoulder had been stiff and bothering me for a few months now, now it’s loose and flexible again. Go figure?

Are you ready to make some amazing changes in your life? Call Jess to reduce your stress, reclaim your health, refresh your mind, and renew your spirit. I call it Absolute Being Clarity!

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