Who says you are not psychic?

Who says You are NOT psychic?

What an interesting point of view. How is it we know Dolphins communicate to each other without words?  Whales too. We know that a pack of Wolves communicates and encircles its prey and pounces. Ever watched when  a Horse in a herd notices a predator, its not just that one Horse starts running and the herd follows; they all start at once! Deer are the same. And what about Lemmings – their entire community, en mass,  migrates and dives over a cliff to swim across bodies of arctic water.

So, what makes us think we are the only mammal who doesn’t have this ability to communicate without words? Eh?


Scientific American’s recent article suggests that “our brain is a radio receiver”, so what if 95% of your thoughts weren’t your own? Does that mean we spend years of psychoanalysis clearing out other peoples thoughts from our heads? They should be paying us! Your brain fires on over 90,000 neuron impulses a day so you can invite 90,000 different emotions and moods into your body. OMG! Doesn’t that give us a whole new way of looking at our issues, limiting beliefs, insecurities and moods.

What if you could learn to be “Your own DJ”, as my daughter calls it. What if you could learn to recognize which catastrophic mood (anger, depression, despair, overwhelm, grief, fear, etc)  is filling up your brain, and change the channel? Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of it, so you only had to process your own stuff? What if it is really that easy? It can be, and you can do it too.

I invite you and your friends to my new workshop MindFULL or MindFUL – your body is your compass.

This Listen To Your Body talk Workshop teaches you to use what your body is relating to you like you would a compass. Listen and it will point you in the direction of optimal mental well-being, health, and improved happiness. Day 1 Thursday Aug 2nd 10 AM – 4PM (no prerequisite). Day 2 requires completion of Day 1

The Listen To Your Body Talk Workshop  teaches you immediately useable techniques to recognize what is “your stuff” and disconnect from what belongs to someone else!  It is designed to open up a dialogue and create a natural communion with your body and mind that allows you to benefit from the wisdom of your body instead of fighting against it, discrediting and abusing it.

Clients who have learned these body signals report:

  • Dramatic shifts and changes within their awareness
  • an overall relief from chronic and acute pain
  • Release from fears and other stressors
  • Positive changes in relationships at home and in business
  • A deeper respect for themselves, and improved self esteem
  • And no more monkey mind drama & theatrics
  • Increased sex life and drive
  • Warning: Side effects reported include:

  • improved vision, perception and appreciation of life and living
  • younger looking face, skin, and posture
  • improved health and vitality
  • smiling too much! (people will think you are on drugs, stoned, drunk on alcohol, or crazy)
  • Deeper more refreshing sleep
  • Come play with us and begin to explore how to communicate and relate to your body and mind in a whole new way. Workshop details are listed below…

    Jessy ’s MindFULL or MindFUL – your body is your compass to Listen To Your Body talk Workshop  shows you how to:  

    Day 1 Master the Ability to:

  • Make use practical info to understand the mind / body connection…and understand how we lose peace or pieces of our self
  • Utilize BodyTalk™ Cortices to de-stress the mind and create balance between both hemispheres of your brain and the body holograph
  • Easily interpret your body’s signals and really hear what your body is telling you in 90 seconds or less – What a gift!
  • Ask your body questions and “hear/see & feel” the answers – without any doubts!
  • Instantly diffuse those wild running emotions (in 5-10 seconds).
  • Connect with your psychic abilities and instantly develop rapport with your intuition – easier than muscle testing or biofeedback.
  • Clear your mind in 3 days without ever crossing your legs and chanting “Ohm”
  • Recognize the “hijacking of your Amygdala” and instantly access your subconscious unconscious consciously (say that 3 times)
  • Consistently use your favourite of 3 Powerful but EASY diffusion techniques to take you out of pain and stress for the rest of your life!
  • Are you ready to make the leap from MindFULL to MindFUL?

    It’s easier and more fun than you think.

    Come play with us and begin to explore how to communicate and relate to your body and mind in a whole new way. Workshop details are listed below…

    Register for Jessy’s Listen To Your Body Talk WorkshopListen To Your Body Talk Workshop Aug 2 & 9 10AM – 4PM


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