Ready for Goal Setting with an Energetic and Inpirational Twist?

Have you found that the goals your Mind sets for you, do not always come to pass? But those your Soul inspires always come to fruition!

Have you ever noticed it is easier to “remember” than to “create”?

What if energetically we have been setting goals backwards, into resistance instead of into ease and flow??

dimension conchWhat are you willing and capable of creating?

Use our simple technique using the Einstein Concept of Time vs the Newtonian Model of time as described in the book “the Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks? … and see what happens when you ADD this new Law of Reshaping Time to the Law of Attraction!!!

You now have a new way of realizing ‘Inspired Intentions’ or Goal Setting in 2018.

Explore this and more at Transformational Tuesdays


We are not talking about reverse psychology here, we are putting forth the concept that we can realize what has already manifested in a future dimension and bring it into now … reshaping time. And now you get to practice this at Transformational Tuesdays!

Curious? This is Workshop #1 of 2018’s theme at Transformational Tuesday. Stepping out of tribal inertia, into EASE and FUN, creating, producing, innovating, solving, resolving . . . and more without resistance!

Different than any New Age or Self-help teaching, this process taps into the future as not only possible, but accessible in this very moment.

Join us at “Transformational Tuesdays”. Two January workshops to choose from:

January 9, 2018 Tuesday Morning Workshop 9:30-12:00 at Suite Success


January 10, 2018  Wednesday Evening 6:30 – 9:30 at Suite Success

PM me on facebook, or contact or text 705-241-8680 to reserve your spot on the Guest List now.

Early Bird Pricing $45.20, and get entered in a draw to win a free Body Talk Session (Value $250)

or pop in  at the last minute for $56.50 at the door . See you there. Email transfers and credit card payments accepted.


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