What is Energy Medicine? Can it help you?

 As Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD said, “the next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine.”  

That’s a new paradigm and unfamiliar languaging for many people, so … “What is Energy Medicine?” A few examples of healing approaches which fall into the “category” of Energy Medicine are:  Reiki, BodyTalk, EFT, Healing Codes, Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Therapeutic Touch, Polarity Therapy, Network Chiropractic, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Quantum Touch, Eden Energy Medicine, and Chakra clearing. There are more, and they all work exceptionally well.

“But …” you might be wondering: “… is Energy Medicine something I can do on myself, or do I need a practitioner?” Both answers are accurate. There are certain types of energy medicine that require a practitioner.  Acupuncture is one example that requires a Licensed Practitioner.   However, both Reiki Energy Medicine and BodyTalk™ Conciousness Medicine offer an abundance of tools that once learned do not require a practitioner and are available to be used by everyone. The beauty of these two resources is that they empower us to understand our own unique and individual energy system and maximize our health and wellness on many levels.


Of course, you can go for treatment sessions. Having a practitioner facilitate several sessions for you brings your energy up to a higher level and is transformational, but learning it helps you on a daily basis in between sessions and is also empowering and life altering! I encourage doing both. I do, I practice Reiki and Access on myself daily and go for weekly sessions. And retrain often.

“Would Energetic Healing be helpful for me?”

Of course! It depends on your goals. Reiki is a great first step, relaxing, refreshing and subtle. I call it the kindergarten of energy work. With Reiki workshops your innate intuition is “attuned” to higher levels of healing ability and as you practice you keep evolving.(Upcoming Reiki training dates are below). BodyTalk Access also is a wonderful way of integrating left and right brain abilities to improve your innate’s ability to optimize healing, intuition and develop insight.

How do you decide? Take a minute to ask yourself these questions, if you answer “yes” to one or more then this may be the answer to what you are looking for:

  • Do you have a current illness and have you already tried traditional medicinal care and it has not worked?
  • Are you willing to receive Energy Healing in conjunction with Traditional Medical Care to accelerate the healing process? (It’s not an either or situation, profound results happen working together!)
  • Are you familiar with Reiki or BodyTalk or EFT, and want either a treatment, training or mentoring?
  • Do you know very little about Energy Healing and are curious and want to learn more?
  • Do you want to learn energy healing tools like Reiki to help yourself and/or loved ones with and illness?
  • Are you interested in becoming a Certified Reiki or BodyTalk Practitioner ?
  • Do you want to learn more Energy Medicine Tools maintain health and wellness for yourself and others?

Did you answer yes to any of these questions? Energy is our natural birthright. Reiki is a great first step to realigning to this relaxing, refreshing and subtle connection of energy. BodyTalk Access also is a wonderful way of integrating left and right brain abilities to access healing. You can use these techniques daily.

“Does Energy Medicine work for all ailments? Yes! Insomnia, Pain, Stress, Sore throats, Coughs, Emotional issues, business issues, and more.  When the body begins to repair its own energy centers then all of the body in its entirety is being replenished, balanced and nourished. Energy Medicine views our body’s energy as a vital healing force, and when our energies are flowing freely, the body maintains good health.  However, when there are energy blocks within the body, both emotional and physical illness can occur.   Energy Medicine works to remove the energetic blocks and keep our energy flowing freely to maintain health and wellness and bring our bodies back to a state of harmony.

How do I get started?  If you are seeking treatment or training, here are a few suggestions to get you started:

1. One great place to start is by Booking yourself in to experience a session. Link to book on line here www.jessymorrison.ca

2. To start to learn energy medicine enrol to learn the Daily Reiki Energy Routines and register for the upcoming Reiki Level 1 workshop, I call it “A Change for Life: Feeling the Awareness, fine tuning to healthy energy” relief@jessymorrison.ca“>relief@jessymorrison.ca

Or, if you are really keen and have had previous exposure, meditate etc. then Saturday & Sunday March 17 & 18, 2012 10AM – 4PM might be a better fit. Level 1&2 Beyond Time and Space: The keys to accelerate the change in your Life… an introduction to distance healing (Day 1) Level 2 Advanced “Soul to Cell” Tapping into deeper Intuition with Reiki 2 (Day 2) relief@jessymorrison.ca“>relief@jessymorrison.ca

3. If you have a health challenge and want to set up a consultation with Jessy book your free 20 min consultation here

4.  If you are not sure where to start, call our office (705) 241-8680, leave a comment on the blog, or email me directly and I will do my best to get you headed in the right direction for your highest good.

All these questions and more can be answered to help you become fully aware of why energy medicine has become such a powerful force in both eastern and western forms of medicine throughout the world.

Don’t be shy, we are all energy and you too can find health and wellness, empowerment and fulfillment. It makes the challenges in life magical and far more bearable!

LLL Jessy

PS last chance to register for the BodyTalk Access class happening this Saturday March 10

More Energy Healing Workshops in Barrie:

NEW to Barrie: Jin Shin Jyutsu Self treatment weekend March 17th & 18th for more info contact janice@uniqbynature.ca

Spa Treatment training  by Dana Pharant of www.wholebodyhealing.com  is offering Body Wraps – March 26 & May27 ;Thai Hot Stem Facial – April 10 & May 26; Indian Head Massage – April 22 & 23; Thai Hot Stem Full Massage – Apr 8 & 9

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