2012 Reiki Workshop Schedule

 2012 Reiki Workshops

What is a Reiki Master?

Being a Master is not about higher learning. BEING A Master is about learning a lesson. Learning each lesson, as if it were being taught for the first time. Everytime a Master interacts with his students the lessons are new and the outcomes unique.

Being a Master is not about teaching. Being a Master is about guiding a student towards knowledge through example, thought, and empowerment. The Master takes the student where self discovery is the next and only logical step.*

A Master teaches “essence”. In Reiki we fine tune you to Reiki Essence, learning to harness and use it to enhance life force, your energy, your peacefulness, your ability to pray and meditate and improve to your health.

 These are not my words,  Gary Zukov said this about Masters  in his book “The Dancing Wu Li Masters”.

After my initiation into Reiki 17 years ago I have never looked back, I witness miracles every day. But it takes practice, using it daily on yourself, your family, friends, pets plants, homes, food …..  Are you ready to take the next step?

Level 1 A Change for Life: The Beginning (Fine tuning your awareness to feeling the Energy) https://www.jessymorrison.ca/reiki-level-1-barrie.html

Min 4 students Location to be given out at time of registration

Saturday March 3, 2012  10AM – 4PM

Saturday April 21, 2012  10AM – 4PM

Saturday June 16, 2012  10AM – 4PM

Saturday August 18, 2012  10AM – 4PM

Saturday October 13, 2012  10AM – 4PM

Level 2 Beyond Time and Space: The keys to accelerate the change in your Life…Basic Level 2, an introduction to distance healing (Day 1)https://www.jessymorrison.ca/reiki-level-2-barrie.html

Saturday March 17, 2012  10AM – 4PM

Saturday May 12, 2012  10AM – 4PM

Saturday July 14, 2012  10AM – 4PM

Saturday September 15, 2012  10AM – 4PM

Saturday Oct 20, 2012  10AM – 4PM


Level 2 Advanced “Soul to Cell” Tapping into deeper Intuition with Reiki 2 (Day 2) https://www.jessymorrison.ca/reiki-level-2-barrie.html

Sunday March 18, 2012  10AM – 4PM

Sunday May 13, 2012  10AM – 4PM

Sunday July 15, 2012  10AM – 4PM

Sunday September 16, 2012  10AM – 4PM

Sunday December 2, 2012  10AM – 4PM


Level 3 Gateway to Mastery: now your journey begins, walk your talk, continue to make Reiki a regular part of your life, not just a tool



Saturday  March 24Plus Apprenticeship

Saturday November 24 Plus Apprenticeship


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