“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think it terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” ~ Nikola Telsa

Reiki Energy a great way to Relax, Renew, & Recharge

One of my favorite Reiki Mentors, John Crundall, said You have skills and gifts beyond your wildest dreams… come on in, take a seat, or lie on a table and take the journey of Reiki. It is not a skill to be learned or taught, it is a journey of remembering. You already have within your being all that you ever need to weave a magical life. You simply need a place; a safe place that will draw out your natural talent; a space that will cause you to remember to lift and illuminate your true healing nature, and reveal to you your healed self; the magical being that you are.

The Usui Reiki system of natural healing is a map that returns to you, your power of creativity and healing. It is a gateway to a multi-dimensional healing reality. Enjoy the journey.”

John founded the Toronto Reiki Centre forged from a dream his wife Denise had to maintain the original unadulterated lineage of Dr Usui, as brought to Australia in 1983 by Rev. Beth Gray, one of Hawayo Takata’s original students. John travels around the world teaching Reiki in Australia, California and other locations anually. He taught me the level 2 Reiki as a meditation and written healing practice deeper than just beaming energy that is popular today.

We all have moments when we feel:
  • depleted, and burned out
  • overwhelmed
  • like we need a holiday, but didn’t feel recharged on the one we  just had !
  • “at the end of our rope”
  • as though we’ve “had enough
  • as if we’re “running on empty”
  • we no longer have the energy to carry on, or give anymore.
  • I used to feel that way 25 years ago as a young single mum, surrounded by drama. Lets face it, our lives are so busy, so hectic, so full of distractions and multitasking we often forget to take time for ourselves. Or, we may never have really learned how.

Now although drama still comes a callin’ I get to be a center of peacefulness. Chaos has been reframed to just meaning ‘endless possibilities’, stress nolonger bothers me much.

For me, learning Reiki is the next best thing to taking a vacation, and you never leave home without it, you can even take it on holiday or to the office with you! In fact, once you tune-in and develop this awareness you cannot loose it. Stress relief 24/7 no matter what is happening in your life. Like being in the eye of the storm, you are at peace while chaos is spinning around you.

Do you wish you knew how to recharge? I’ve been channeling Reiki for over 20 years now, and I still love it. In fact I cannot imagine life without it. Being Attuned to Reiki gave me back my faith in God, a trust in humanity, a joy in living, and a curiousity to learn more.

Reiki opened up a communication with my higher self and my soul, it allows me to expand out to this Universal Life force energy, and to unconditional love and healing. Being able to use Reiki daily has changed my health, my thoughts, my emotions, my perception of this world. It’s so funny, shortly after recieving attunements I wondered how the “issues” I had been experiencing were perceived as issues at all, they dis-solved into nothing. Such RELIEF is difficult to describe in words, it can oly be experienced. Wouldn’t you like to feel this way too?

“We were all born with energy (ki).
What we were not taught is how to replenish our energy.
Once you know how the keys (ki) is yours for life!”~ Jessy Morrison

Although occasional sessions are very relaxing and so beneficial; having regular and consistant sessions is cumulative and life changing. Learning Reiki for yourself is liberating, and you can keep at it daily for stress releif, ease of refreshing sleep, replenishing health, and deepening joy..and you can take it anywhere no luggage required!

reiki workshop sunWorkshops to learn Reiki:

Click on the links to see what makes these classes different.

Level 1 – A Change for Life: “Feeling the Awareness”, the wonder, the peace. Most people are amazed at the ability to RECEIVE this energy and channel it. This is a remembering of what you have forgotten, an opening to a connection of replenishing, healing, and relaxation most people find unfamiliar. The Level 1 Attunement is like cleaning off rust from the tuning fork you are.  It is like having 5 sessions in one day! Deeply relaxing and fun.

Level 2 Beyond Time and Space:  In this level we give you three Usui symbols that are like keys (ki) to accelerate the change in your Life…Most people love level 2 more than Level 1. Beyond the basic  introduction to distance healing, I teach this class in a way that you can use the symbols to communicate with your higher self and integrate Intellect with Intuition for deeper Insight. I call this Level 2 Advanced “Soul to Cell” Tapping into deeper Intuition with Reiki 2.Like on off switches, the mind can “play” now too and work with you instead of sabotaging you. This second attunment is a further fine-tuning of your energy field and awareness. You will be amazed at the abilities you can develop here at a physical, mental, and soul level. Time and Distance are no barrier. Again this is like recieving 5 sessions in one day at a deeper level than before.

Level 3 Gateway to Mastery: Now your journey begins, walk your talk, live in the flow. In this final attunement we give you the final Usui Symbol of wholeness, so you can attune yourself now daily and ease into the flow of unconditional love. We teach you how to do the Healing Attunement, and if you like … the next step to attuning others. Many people do not choose to teach, it is not everyones journey, however taking the last attunement is a completion of your own fine tuning.

reiki lightbulb

Did you know that you can have attunements of any level many times over? Dr. Usui attuned his deciples everytime they met. All though we call them certifications they are not an intellectual diploma of finality. Each attunement is a fine-tuning of your own individual energy circuitry. Similar to enhancing a 25 watt bulb to 40 watts to 60watts to 100watts to… a cell phone tower …to a satalite dish, to…. the possibilities are enedless….

Having Reiki Attunements is can be compared to tuning a violin or piano, or to going to the dentist instead of just brushing your teeth – it is a form of Energetic Hygiene, a cleansing, clearing off the dust bunnies from our auric field. I would go so far as to say it is like restoring a priceless painting, it rejuvenates and renews on a celluar level too.

You may already be aware that watching TV, reading, getting your hair or nails done does not recharge you. And you probably realize that doing so can stress you more, because your body doesn’t know the difference between fantasy and reality. Hours of video games or TV crime dramas create more tension and stress you out and make you detach from your innate spirituality. So you are going to be amazed when you discover just how quickly reconnects you to your inherent natural energy. Reiki is the difference between being “nurtured” and being “pampered”.

Pampered is a temporary feel good, Nurtured lasts a lifetime. 

Reiki lasts your lifetime and reconnects you to your inherent natural energy. Wouldn’t you agree that modern man needs to manage stress in a new healthier way? When people like yourself learn the different levels of Reiki their entire family benefits. Wouldn’t you like to learn how to Reiki yourself and your family? Even pets love Reiki healing.

What can Reiki do for you?

  • reduces stress and the feeling of overwhelm or dread
  • help you feel safe, soothed, supported
  • relieve ailments attributed to “stress” such as: headaches, backaches, chronic pain, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, poor digestion
  • give you a good night’s sleep and greater sense of well-being
  • allow greater mental focus and clear-headedness
  • re-establish a stronger connection to the Divine Universal energy
  • release feelings of judgment & doubt, and develops a connection to a great fullness of unconditional love
  • gives you more energy, yet it’s relaxed and calming
  • gently dissolve suppressed emotions and limiting beliefs
  • strengthens your immune system and promotes natural self healing
  • makes you feel good by putting you into Alpha brain waves.

“Reiki is the Secret Art of Inviting Happiness.
Miraculous medicine of all diseases.”  

~ Dr. Mikao Usui

What is Reiki?

What is REIKI? A spiritual practice of tuning the human central nervous system into constant, ever present universal life force energy, in order to use it to connect to oneself and to others.

Reiki is an invitation to deepen and explore your connection with divine energy. This Divine Universal energy is the life force in everything… grass, trees, oceans, clouds, animals, your soul … You are already connected to this loving energy and through Reiki you return to or deepen to that relationship. It enhances your intuition, it develops the communication between  the neurology of your body as the  bridge between spirit and mind.

What does that mean for you? I wonder if you will be surprised to discover more energy, more clarity, more joy, more patience, more satisfaction …  a deeper sense of presence, and a knowing that no matter what, everything will be OK in your life, your business, your living , and improving your health. So when you take time to  RELAX you really feel PEACEFULNESS and HEALING. I’d  like you to have a new experience, in a way that meets your needs, giving yourself the opportunity to feel less pain, less fear, less anger, less ego, less struggle, less resistance and less dis-ease, so that   you can discover a greater understanding of “the infinite”.

for every soul we are one

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Sunday September 12, 2021  is Level 1 Beginner Training 

Sunday September 19, 2021 is Level 2 Certification Click for description

Sunday September 25, 2021 is Level 3 Master Gateway More info here 

For more dates throughout the year click on the Time table link below.

Reiki can be Startling! Revealing! and Fun!!!! Daily use of Reiki puts your power back in your own hands. Invite your kids, your spouse, your friends and take the class together. A unique bonding experience.

And … YES THERE’S MORE! If you have already taken any level of Reiki Certification and are ready for deepening your adventure, volunteer to assist in workshops. Does that appeal to you? Email me at relief@jessymorrison.ca to see if it fits – class size etc are considerations.

Reiki is the Japanese word for “universal life-force energy”. It is a natural holistic, light-touch technique that re-establishes a normal flow of life-force energy throughout your body. Much like a switch that turns you on and keeps you bright and vibrant, this improved energy flow enhances and accelerates your body’s natural healing ability.

With a gentle placing of my hands on or over your body at strategic points, energy is drawn, redirected and given to help you re-balance and re-vitalize on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level . Reiki allows your brain waves to enter Alpha healing waves. This energy bonus allows your body to start healing itself on all cellular levels, bringing it into harmonious balance. Although soothing and peaceful, it is a powerful healing practice that you can also learn to do for yourself, on yourself, your family, your plants, your pets, your food, your life. (2015 Workshop schedule links below).

Many clients say they often feel the energy as a warmth or gentle vibration moving though their body, others say “it’s like coming home”, “a feeling of safety”, some feel a reconnection with their faith, some feel totally unconditional loved… everyone feels immense relaxation and calm.

Reiki is becoming more common in hospitals in Toronto and around the world and is frequently used for chemo patients, as well as for pre/& post surgery. Like all energy work it requires no undressing and is great for people who cannot tolerate touch due to pain. Reiki is complimentary to all other therapies, medical treatments, medicines and dietary supplements that you are currently using. There are no contraindications. Reiki makes your body more responsive, increases your regenerative immune response and easily adaptable with no negative side-effects.

Jessy says: Reiki is my passion; it has changed my life and my family’s life. It has also changed my appreciation and understanding of Life beyond all recognition. My wish is that every man, woman and child learn to harness this energy for and within themselves. I believe Reiki is our birthright! Yes, YOU CAN learn to reconnect to this healing energy for mood enhancement, health improvement, expanding meditation practices, and overall well being.

Level 1 A Change for Life: Feeling the Awareness

Level 2 Beyond Time and Space: The keys to accelerate the change in your Life…Basic Level 2, an introduction to distance healing

Level 2 Advanced “Soul to Cell” Tapping into deeper Intuition with Reiki 2

Level 3 Gateway to Mastery: now your journey begins, walk your talk

reiki class

 “We were all born with energy (ki).
What we were not taught was how to replenish our energy.
Once you know how, the (ki) key is yours for life!

It is your birthright to be happy, healthy and whole”    ~ Jessy Morrison

Please note: Reiki is not a religion. This life force energy is the source of Life itself. It has been used by practitioners of Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Shintoism, Hinduism and Islam, and more all around the world. It is a Spiritual Practice that compliments any faith as a hands-on healing practice. Rest assured, Reiki does not interfere with any religious beliefs. God does not mean for us to suffer, and God did not invent inferior beings nor junk. It is your birth right to be healthy and happy and whole.

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