Why do I teach Reiki?

Why do I teach Reiki?

Because it is always amazing


  • To watch people re-discover themselves, their potency, and their hidden talent. To watch years of pain being assuaged.
  • To see the light shine in their eyes as they recognize their connection to the universal energy.
  • To watch their stiff shoulders relax from a position around their ears to …ahhh … where they should be, at ease … in total relief.
  • To open the door to bring Reiki Body Mind & Soul into our busy lives, our homes, our body … where it already is (but perhaps only unconsciously)


That’s why I do it, to assist everyones transformation from stressed… to free and happier.

That is the reason I get up in the morning …to find out who I get to empower today!

Is it you?  Need to de-stress? Call Jess 705-241-8680 for a private sesison

or Join us Oct 12 For Reiki 1 “Feel The Awareness” because YOU can do this too.

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