Reiki training

When ‘I’ is replaced by “we

… even ‘illness’ becomes ‘wellness’.

Reiki originally was not about a holistic “treatment system” for professionals or paraprofessionals to use on others at all, although that is a pleasant side-effect. 

Reiki is about a more comprehensive way of connecting with ourselves and then with those we interact with. Reiki is calming, soothing, and peacefully inspiring. It is a natural connection to the Divine flow of energy. When we are at peace, then those in our quantum field are also experiencing peacefulness. We call this entrainment and this then allows our body and psyche to heal.

When we have a treatment with a Reiki practitioner their energy increases ours in resonance and elevates us to a higher vibration.

Come learn more, or rather ‘experience’ more … Oct 15, 2016 for Reiki Level 2,

or Nov 19, 2016 for Level 2 if you are ready for the next step.

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