Reiki Level 2

Jessy Morrison, Reiki Master is thrilled that Reiki is finally getting the attention it deserves.

If Dr. Mehmet Oz is talking about Reiki, all of North America is talking about it and looking for ways to learn about it. If health is at the top of your priority list, then learning Reiki is a great next step to take for regaining your health and well being.

We used to say “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. I find Reiki a day keeps the doctors way.

My mother is a living example of that! At 70 her doctor warned me she wouldnt live throught the year, her arthritis, angina, psoriasis, were so advanced she couldnt get out of bed anymore. I moved her to my home figuring it would be a year of hospice care and  …. 23 years later she is medicine free, no traces of any prior illnesses! Reiki 2 took care of the stuck emotions resentments and fears that were locking up her energy!!!


reiki level 2Continue the Change for Life… Being attuned to the next level of Reiki is so much more fun!

Reiki Level 2 Basic: Beyond Time and Space from Soul to Cell


You have your basic Reiki tool kit, and you have been making it your daily practice to use Reiki on everything right, so now you are ready to accelerate the Change in your Life…and communicate from your soul to all your cells!  (Level 2 see below)

Warning! You’re about to have a life-altering experience. A meeting of souls.Perhaps you will take a special kind of enjoyment in your powerful and rewarding way of connecting to your true self? How? Read on…


reiki workshop sun


Next Level 2 Advanced Class “Learning New Key’s (Ki)”

Sunday September 19, 2021  11AM – 6PM   

 Investment $475 +HST Preregistration required. Reserve your spot here.


Have you completed Level 2 basic? I  wonder if you’d be surprised to discover that you could blend your intellect with intuition and go beyond just beaming energy to actually articulating what you are “reading” in the energy. Read more on Reiki 2 Advanced below. Or check out Gateway to Mastery Reiki Level 3 here

Do you have a group of friends that wish to learn Reiki together? Book your own date & location with family members/friends according to your own schedule.   

Minimum of 4 persons required to play with energy. Call for more info 705-241-8680 or email


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The Reiki Way keeps the doctor away. You’ve added Reiki to your tool bag, and have been practicing the basics of receiving energy healing and how to create a soul-to-soul connection with animals, friends and others.

Now you are being equipped to increase your vibration further and amplify the energy you are able to heal with. So, would you be willing to experience more in Level 2 ? There are two parts: Morning intro to three basic USUI Symbols “KEYS”  & Afternoon “Advanced” Soul to Cell. Actually establishing a dialogue with the Higher self for messages in conscious receiving!


Reiki Level 2 Basic: Beyond Time & Space Workshop Description

reiki class trainReiki Level II encompasses:

  • Symbols to enhance distance healing (being able to send healing energy for the highest good) to a person, animal, place, or situation in the past present or future (think of the possibilities)
  • the ability to cleanse a space or your own personal energy field
  • an increase in the ability to facilitate emotional/spiritual healing as well as a widening and deepening of your energy channels
  • an opportunity to increase the benefit of your own personal healing
  • being able to accelerate healing when sick, being able to relieve the pain of an injury, heal feelings of anger, fear, grief, or decrease discomfort after surgery

Classes are taught by Jessy Morrison Reiki Master Teacher, Body Talk Practitioner.
Class size is limited to 10 students so that you receive more individual attention

Students receive:

  • a booklet of written support materials
  • Reiki Level II Certificate suitable for framing
  • support for questions at any time after class is completed
  • as well as 21 daily emailed attunment tidbits to deepen your understanding and  integration of Reiki Energy.

Investment $475 + HST payable by Cash, Credit cards, paypal, or email transfer

“Well Worth the Drive to Barrie!”

“I took Reiki Level I from Jessy in 2005 but made the mistake of taking a Reiki Level II from another master because they were closer to home, but it just didn’t resonate. I am so glad I came up to Jessy for her Reiki Level II class. She provided a safe environment for everyone in the class to share their own personal experiences as well as sharing her own. The class was easy to follow and practical. She covered everyday uses for using Reiki that I would never have thought about before the class. I so appreciated the practice time she scheduled into the class.” C.F.


Jessy Morrison Talks “Tapping into Intuition with Reiki 2 Advanced Class”

reiki class 4I’m often asked, “How can I develop my intuition?”

First, your right brain is already directly connected to all of the information in the universe. Everything you want to know exists inside you! The trick is being able to access what you already know. Reiki does that for us.

Why are some people more intuitive than others? We all have a filtering mechanism that keeps the information in our subconscious from flooding our conscious mind. It’s hard enough to keep track of the things you need to know (if you could hear everyone else’s thoughts, you’d be simply overwhelmed). I teach people how to get useful information from the universe’s infinite reservoir (of information) while still filtering out the ‘noise.’ Having a good protocol of questions is useful. But the quality of your answers is still subject to the limitations of your thinking mind.

Training the Left Brain to say “I Can”: Your left brain generates doubt. It’s also the part of the brain that was trained in school. It ‘knows’ that your senses only extend so far: you believe you can’t see around corners, you believe you can’t hear through a thick wall, etc. Your left brain “knows” thousands of reasons why you can’t be intuitive and will try to trip you up.

Drawing from Jessy’s Experience: Learning Reiki 2 fourteen years ago taught me to tune in at a distance and to send Reiki energy healing to others around the world. It taught me mantras and symbols to get my mind out of my own way and into the Alpha healing state. After studying BodyTalk with Dr Kaiimi Popovich and following his research with the Center for Biofield Research in India, as well as integrating courses taught by John Crundell and Loesje Jacobs, I learned how to send out Reiki healing and report the feedback of information your patient needs to know while they receive this healing energy. The result: it’s amazingly accurate, and  profoundly healing.

Why Advanced Reiki 2: One of the reasons I teach Advanced Reiki 2 is that it has a useful way of asking questions that lead to useful answers. One session at a time, this helps prove that your consciousness is connected to a universal consciousness. I found that Reiki 2, as taught in Canada, does not always appeal to our logical left brain trained mind. My student’s conscious mind often got in the way. With this Advanced Level 2 class, your mind may still doubt, but over time the evidence accumulates that you are getting answers and results that your left brain could not have acquired on its own. You and your clients will be amazed at the depth of healing. And, we learn the simple truth: we are connected to All That Is.

Relax, Let Your Intuition Open Up: The real answer to developing your intuition is to relax; to allow; to trust, and use it daily. Incorporate Reiki into every moment, task and breath. You are already connected to universal knowledge and All That Is. Your conscious mind can’t perceive that connection so I teach people how to give it something to do, like following a protocol. This allows your right brain to prove that you’ve always been intuitive. After all, it is when the left and  right lobes of the brain work together that we are in perfect balance!

reiki class with certs


Invitation to All Attuned Reiki 2’s and Masters: Please come as a volunteer to apply Reiki to the new initiates as they listen and learn. You are welcome to stay for the advanced class as well, for an energy donation of your choice.

For More Information Contact: Jessy Morrison, 705 241-8680 or



“Dear Jessy, I wanted to write you a note and tell you about how wonderful it was to re-attune for Reiki 2 again.
When I took the course the first time, I loved it, but didn’t feel the power all of the time. Because I wasn’t sure it was “working” all of the time, I used it less and less.
After the second Level 2 Attunement, I feel like I can’t turn it off!! I heard music that moved me and my hands tingled, I treated my Mom and she felt heat in the wrist that was broken 30 years ago….
Yes, the more I use it, the more it works!
For me I really, really needed the class the second time around, sometimes I need to hear things more than once! It might have been where my brain was the first time I took the class, or how much I have evolved since that first class, who knows. All I now know is that I am having so much fun with my new “powers”.
Thank you again,Jan Freethy”


Prerequisite for Reiki 2 is Reiki Level 1 Attunement and practice

Prerequisite for Day 2: Reiki Level 2: Attunement and practice

teddybearBe sure to bring:

  • a pillow or teddy bear to work with
  • a portrait photo (4×6 or larger) of yourself, preferably with eyes clear and facing camera
  • any item of jewelry, etc. you wish infused with Reiki energy
  • an open mind, you are only limited by your false beliefs

Review your hand positions! Jessy will send photos if you need study material.

Gateway to Mastery Level 3 Information