Looking for MORE?

Looking for MORE?

Your Body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.


  • Have you taken your Reiki Level 1 not using it, so have decided it doesn’t work anyway – well …maybe it works for everyone else, but not for you? Kind’a feel something like is still missing or not yet connected?


Reiki Level 2 is a great way of increasing your intuitive ability and rapport with your unconscious mind, your body and spirit. Reiki 2 may just be the boost you need.


  • Have you taken your Reiki Level 1 and thought it was the most amazing experience – a “coming home” and can’t wait to learn more, BE more, and use it more on yourself, your family, pets and friends?


Join us, you will love this!

And you may just surprise yourself! You are able to do more  than you believe you can!


  • Have your taken Reiki Level 1 and want to become a paid Reiki Practitioner and use this to enhance your massage practice, your coaching practice, NLP or hypnosis practice, and hang out a shingle as a Reiki Practitioner?


This is a great way of adding healing energy to your current modality. As you give Reiki you also get Reiki.


  • Have you had some Reiki treatments and wondered how to learn this deliciously relaxing connection to your own inner spirit? For the moment you will have to wait until September for the Reiki Level 1 Beginner Workshop. Level 1 A Change for Life: Rekindling the Awareness. Level 1 is prerequisite, it is the “Kindergarten’ of all energy work. A great first step.


If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions then you are ready for Step 2 Reiki Level 2 Beyond Time and Space: Soul to Cell – Your Invitation to deepen and explore your connection with Universal Energy (the life force in everything). Saturday July 20th 10AM-4:30

You are already connected to this loving energy; and through this next Reiki Attunement you deepen that relationship with your intuition and the Divine. You sharpen your ability to provide healing to yourself (past, present and future) and others (even if they are around the world miles away). Does tht stretch your paradigm a little? No worries, life is about experiencing new things. It is not only for those who want to become Reiki Practitioners in Business. This is life enhancing; a great way of increasing your intuitive ability and rapport with your unconscious mind, your body and spirit.

~ Dr. Mikao Usui  said Reiki is “The secret art of inviting happiness. Miraculous medicine of all diseases.”

~ Dr. Mehmet Oz, renowned cardiovascular surgeon, and popular TV show host urges 3.5 million TV viewers to“Try Reiki”. Dr. Oz recommends Reiki as his number one “Doctor’s Order” one of his favourite complementary therapies.

Level 2 Book now   and enhance your ability to heal congruently in Body, Mind and Spirit

What can Reiki 2 do for you and your clients?


  • reduces stress and the feeling of overwhelm or dread

  • What can Reiki 2 do for you and your clients?

  • reduces stress and the feeling of overwhelm or dread
  • eliminates ailments attributed to “stress” such as: headaches, backaches, chronic pain, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, poor digestion
  • attain a good restful night’s sleep and greater sense of well-being
  • allow greater mental focus and clear-headedness
  • gives a stronger connection to the Divine Universal Energy
  • releases feelings of judgment and develops a connection to unconditional love
  • gives you more energy, yet relaxed and  calming at the same time
  • gently dissolves suppressed emotions
  • strengthens immune system and promotes natural self healing
  • makes you feel good by putting you into healing Alpha Brain Waves
  • The Reiki Way keeps the doctor away. You’ve added Reiki to your tool bag, and have been practicing the basics of energy healing and how to create a soul-to-soul connection with animals, friends and others. Now you are equipped to increase your vibration further and amplify the energy you heal with. Are you ready for Level 2?

    Reiki Level 2 Class Description

    Reiki Level II encompasses:

  • Symbols to enhance distance healing (being able to send healing energy for the highest good) to a person, animal, place, or situation in the past present or future (think of the possibilities)
  • the ability to cleanse a space or your own personal energy field
  • an increase in the ability to facilitate emotional/spiritual healing as well as a widening and deepening of your energy channels
  • an opportunity to increase the benefit of your own personal healing
  • being able to accelerate healing when sick, being able to relieve the pain of an injury, heal feelings of anger, fear, grief, or decrease discomfort after surgery
  • amplify your connectedness to this healing energy
  • Classes are taught by Jessy Morrison Reiki Master Teacher, Body Talk Practitioner.
    Class size is limited to 10 students so that you receive more individual attention
    Class day 1 is offered on Saturday July 20, 2013
    and Day 2 Advanced Intuitive Reading Workshop “Soul to Cell” is offered on Saturday September 14, 2013.

    Students receive:

  • Your Attunement to the 3 Reiki symbols and mantras
  • A session /give a session
  • A booklet of written support materials
  • Reiki Level II Certificate suitable for framing
  • Support for questions at any time after class is completed
  • As well as 7 daily emailed information and tips newsletters to accompany your 21 day personal cleans and integration of Reiki energy.
  • Investment $375 payable by Cash or Cheque, Visa, MC, Pay Pal or Internet Direct Deposit/email transfer Level 2 Book now  “Well Worth the Drive to Barrie!”

    “I took Reiki Level I from Jessy in 2005 but made the mistake of taking a Reiki Level II from another master because they were closer to my home, but somehow it just didn’t resonate. I am so glad I came up to Jessy for her Reiki Level II class. She provided a safe environment for everyone in the class to share their own personal experiences as well as sharing her own. The class was easy to follow and practical. She covered everyday uses for using Reiki that I would never have thought about before the class. I also appreciated the practice time she scheduled into the class.” P.C.

    “Once I took the class, I didn’t think Reiki was for me. I mean I didn’t want to practice on anyone; I just wanted to be able to relax. My husband raved about his sessions with Jessy, so I was curious. But surprisingly what I noticed was, once I took Reiki, my art work expanded. My inspiration was deeper and more confident, and led me to bigger and more self-assured pieces. The size of my canvases went form hand held to full wall murals. I am pretty sure it was the Reiki” M.L.

    Questions? Call Jess to reduce your stress! 705-241-8680


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