yin yang humanReiki Level  Mastery

Walking your talk, the journey begins …

Level 3 Mastery is the beginning of living Reiki, being Reiki. Yes this attunement allows you to teach others. But this is more like an apprenticeship, not just getting a diploma and off you go. Speak to me individually, because it is a journey.

2021 Scheduled Reiki 3 & Mastery Attunement Group Workshop:

Sunday September 26, 2021

Cost $688+HST for Master Attunement 11AM – 2PM Preregistration required

Reserve your spot here Credit card, paypal or etransfer accepted

Please Note: Level 3 & Mastery classes do not need to be taught in a group. Personal and private sessions held at your request.

Morning Session  Mastery Attunement  and comprehension of Last Symbol/Mantra only   11AM – 2:00 PM  $688 +HST

 Afternoon Session 2:30 – 5PM  is for those wishing Teaching Certification and practice giving attunements in all Levels  $200 +HST

 (Prerequisite is certification of Level 1,2 & 3 Attunement Morning session) from any Master Teacher Lineage. Includes open Invitation to assist in Apprenticeship Program throughout the year whenever a class is held.

 NOTE: (You can also call when you are ready and book a private date. We try to be flexible, after all this is for you!)

Apprenticeship consists of helping with future Reiki Classes and Attunments until you are comfortable enough to run your own classes and workshops. Extra cost applies.

Review: Investment for Mastery Attunement only, without apprenticeship program $688 (Morning only)

Investment for Mastery Attunement plus Teaching Certificate  $888 (Full day)

 Level 3’s Mastery Attunement brings yet a greater deepening of connection to the Reiki phenomenon, mastery of yourself, your thoughts, your condition and an understanding of energy as it flows through your life.

The Investment in the Level 3 Attunement is divided into parts to make the outlay more financially accessible:
1st Step  Level 3 Initiation and classroom learning. Plus Reiki treatment given and received (10AM to 1PM) plus exercises to test the flow of Reiki. Includes Manual and Certificate. Light lunch served. Cost: $688

2nd Step Afternoon Exchange amongst students: Practicing the Attunement on each other receiving and giving. From 2 – 4:30 PM (This $200 fee may be post-dated)

3rd Step Apprenticeship: On going training consists of attending whichever workshops you wish (when there is available space) to contribute by assisting in holding Reiki space for new students during class time and attunement.
NOTE: Fee of apprenticeship is by “voluntary donation” without additional attunement.
Etiquette of donation is usually about half workshop fee, or whatever you can afford, plus contribution to food; however should you choose to be included in the attunement/initiation again, then the Full Workshop Fee is expected.


massage head

“Well Worth the Drive to Barrie!”

We all were shifting and curled up sooo relaxed before the end of the day. I would definitely take another class from Jessy.”  Cindy F, Mississauga, On


“I wasn’t sure what I was expecting”. A huge AH HA with fireworks, a leotard and red cape? It has been more gradual than that. As I grow, so my Reiki grows with me. The universe has been testing my resolve and faith in many ways, although I find myself less judgmental and responding to the challenges more calmly. I’m not sure I would have handled things as well before Reiki. I catch myself merely observing, instead of reacting. Mastery indeed. Lately my hands “turn on” everywhere, at the grocery store, at work, in the garden …. It is truly very interesting, really.

~ Paul W, Barrie, On


“At first I was disappointed”. I didn’t feel what the others did. But with time and practice… I now realize it was my own insecurities needing to dissolve, and now after Level 2 and 3, watch out! I can beam energy everywhere for the good of all and myself. I have never been happier. You changed my life. My pets and plants thank you too. The girls love me too! All college kids should learn Reiki!

~ Warren T, Schomberg, On

“What a Wonderful Experience” – Reiki for the Whole Familyfamily

“My husband, my daughter and I took this class together. Friends referred me to Jessy and I am so very grateful that they did. It has brought us closer together”

~ Fran A, Toronto, On

I now use Reiki on myself and have done a couple of sessions on our son and on our dogs. We also have two parakeets that now have become very chatty, and our dogs seem to want to just lay at our feet even more now than before.

It also seems that more wildlife seems to come to our yard than before the class, or perhaps we are just more in tune and therefore aware. “

Iain K, Woodbridge, On

Jessy taught us to keep mosquitoes away. When I let the Reiki flow they hover but do not land, just as if I had a force field protecting me. She sure makes us go beyond our preconceived ideas. She says use Reiki on everything… jammed keys, CD players, she makes this so much fun! It has been a great experience and I am looking forward to more magic with Jessy. Jessy is patient, kind and loving as a person and a teacher.”

~Sandy G, Maple, On