Is Mickey Mouse a Reiki Apprentice?

This weekend I just finished my last Reiki Workshop for the year. As my daughter is preparing her Halloween costumes and I sit down to write the series of newsletters for my new Reiki Apprentices I have to chuckle because my imagination is working overtime. Every time I say ‘Reiki Apprentices’ I think of the Mickey Mouse movie Fantasia, with Mickey in the wizard’s hat waving his wand attempting to use magic to make his chores easier … To me REIKI and BodyTalk are magic, they have improved my health and  put the joy and wonder back in my life, my living, my understanding and perception of every thing around me.

Yes, it does make my life easier, but not because I am trying to manipulate it or intending it so, but because it has brought me back to my true spirit, my right to love unconditionally, to BE in the flow.


My father used to say “don’t feel that, think this way”. As a child I interpreted that to mean “turnoff your awareness”. Did you ever notice how as soon as our parents gave us a label for something we no longer noticed it nor really looked at that item again? The label took the fascination with energy away. Notice a tree – green leaves and brown trunk, we say. Really, when did we stop looking at the shades of green and brown … are all trunks really brown? Not really, many are greyish, white with speckles, nearly black, etc. Thank goodness for autumn colours to bring back the awe and interest in noticing the true shades of the energy.


In a Reiki Class we teach you to feel the energy. We develop an awareness that lies dormant. or if it hasnt lain quiet we help you to understand and begin to articulate it. Play with me for a moment. Take a look at the  Window nearest to you – is it just inanimate glass and a frame? Really, look again, and now really notice it. Does it have blinds or curtains? How many panes? What texture? Dirty or Clean? Does it squeak when you clean it? Does that mean you are tickling it? Is the window happy that you are cleaning it? Just wondering … What would you feel if you were a window?  What would you see, eh? Can a window feel the sun, absorb the sun, benefit from rain, enjoy a cloudy day? How do you know?


If everything is energy, and energy is alive and flowing then doesn’t that stand to reason that

If everything is energy, and energy is alive and flowing then doesn’t that stand to reason that windows feel and think too? Glass flows, did you know that? Gravity pulls glass (which is liquid) down, that is why windows streak and loose their ability to keep out heat and cold.  So why do we think windows do not think, feel, speak, see, love, breathe? Interesting point of view, isn’t it? So does that mean that if we give Reiki energy to the windows they will not loose their ability to retain heat or get dirty or … hmm it is time to play and experiment isn’t it.



I have sent Reiki to locks that wouldn’t release a stuck key, and people wondered how I got the stuck key out.

I have reiki’d  CD players that my babies jammed two CD’s into, (all they way on a drive to Toronto feeling ridiculous the whole way until the cd’s popped out!

I have reiki’d my car when it was running out of fuel and I was riding on fumes; watermelons; my feet when they hurt; my dog, cats, horses, chairs … rooms ( you learn this in Level 2 to clear space of negative unwanted energy) and more. Whose to say what is magic or not? It is merely a judgement. Know what your truth is and stand in it, that makes life magical and miraculous.

Reminder: Have you ever witnessed a miracle?

David Huff CBP has consented to teach the one day BodyTalk Access™ Workshop here at the Finding Health Clinic, in Barrie on Nov 2. Personally, I call BodyTalk Access™ “Miracle FAST AID“. I use it daily !

In this workshop you will learn and use 5 profound energy healing techniques that improve brain function – improve posture – are stress busters – pain chasers – heal viruses faster –  improve your immunity – and your mood, and maybe make you belive in the magical again.

Book your reservation here

 Saturday Nov 2, 2013 ~ From 9:15AM to 4:30PM

Bring a friend too. For only $175 you learn in one day tools to use for your lifetime and put more fun & vitality back into your life this winter. Learn in one day Use for your entire lifetime!!! This is where I started and look at me now.


To your miraculous and magical vibrant health,  XOXO



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