Spring Equinox Special- Reiki 2 for you?


Spring is here! Just the idea of warm weather is enough to put a smile on our faces.
Goodbye, snow! It’s time for you to go, so we can start to thaw out. The energy has shifted and  it’s time to start fresh and clean up (and I don’t just mean your house)!

Maybe it’s time to polish off your professional life, or refresh some distorted old relationship memories, re-evaluate priorities, add your latest accomplishments to your resume, or update your closet . The new moon on Friday helped us move forward into our dreams and wishes.

Just like your body needs refreshing so does your energy. If the spring equinox and eclipse didn’t infuse you with enough energy, or you are needing some clarity, or  motivation,

come in for a quick cleans with Body Talk,  Time-Line Therapy, or Chakra Balancing.

Leave feeling refreshed and unstuck now. Freshen up your energy field just in time for  spring and all the new beginnings to follow!

 …there’s an appointment waiting here for you.  Book here


Ready to jump into a NEW YOU, and to start the Spring Equinox new? Upgrade your Reiki to Level two and find out how powerful and centered you truly can be.

Reiki awakens the innate gift to be in healing energy 24/7 both physically and spiritually.

Registrations still being taken for Reiki Level II scheduled for April 25th: (Prerequisite R1) Beyond Time & Space  ‘Soul to Cell’ take your Reiki to the next level, learn symbols, mantras, and how to send and receive at a distance 10AM – 5PM Investment $375

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