Would you like to look good and SEE EVEN BETTER?

 What are we talking about?

Look good because you have participated in a fundraiser and SEE BETTER becasue you participated in this informal case study.

Is it really inevitable that our eyes deteriorate as we age? Can we repair our vision without depending on glassses?

Is this possible?

What if you could correct your vision naturally? What if you could heal your vision and delete the judgments & beliefs you have about aging and vision, and about what is or is not possible to change with your eyes and vision and your health?
Curious to learn how to start including your body in your choices. Learn how to listen to what your body does require and be willing to be surprised about what you notice and what your body actually requires and desires for perfect vision.
By using the healing ability of your own energy Jessy has mastered a Correcting Vision process that targets your physical vision and facilitates you to activate 15 potent energies specifically designed to unlock you from the patterns that are locking you into less than perfect vision for you.

Recipients of this process  are reporting that after 1, 3 or 10 sessions, they don’t have to wear their glasses anymore, or that they have better vision in the dark, or that they aren’t bothered by bright or flashing lights anymore. This Is Different … come see!

Do you find this interesting? Dr. Chris Schell Barries Eye Care Optometrist thinks it is fascinating, and he’d like to know more, so he is sponsoring this informal case study as a fundraiser for kids too. So you can help in two ways! See below.

This Is Different … come see!

J F says “after my first session my peripheral vision was so sharp it was almost distracting. Amazing”

LL said “The whites of my eyes cleared by the end of the day and they had been pink and red for the last 4 months and it’s staying this way. I could read the fine print on a tube of cream I bought at the drug store right after the class and I can’t remember being able to do that before.”

DD commented “I can see everything more clearly and sharply defined than before”

MM declares “I noticed that the puffiness that was on the outer side of my right eyelid, which was sensitive to touch, is no longer there.

WV says “my perception is different things no longer worry me the way they used to. Little things aren’t pushing my buttons anymore, in fact big things don’t bother me either. That’s unusual. I am definitely coming back for more.”


If you would like to experience this and learn more, please choose from the following three options:

  1. Two in one: Participate in the Seasons Center for Grieving Children Fundraiser and case study with eye examinations & evaluations this Thursday Aug 23
  2. take the workshop and learn this yourself
  3. 1:1 private sessions and 10 week study at a reduced rate

Option 1

1:1 Session in support of “the Seasons Center for Grieving Children” ENERG-EYES, as well as participating in the  informal study on energy healing effects on Visual acuity

Date: One day only Aug 23, 2012

Cost: Reduced cost of $75 fully donated to the kids center (Reg. price $150 not including eye assessment by Dr. Chris Schell)

Receive a 1:1 Correcting Vision Session with me, Jessy Morrison (Finding Health BodyTalk Clinic) or Dana Pharant (Whole Body Healing) as well as a Vision Assessment by Dr. Chris Schell (Eye Care Barrie).

$75 single session donated to Seasons Center   (package of 10 available for $750  if booked this day)

Where: 225 Ferndale Dr. S., Unit 6 Barrie, Ontario L4N 6B9

Must Preregister to ensure your spot.

Remaining times available 2:00PM, 3:00 PM, 4:45PM and 7 PM only

Book your session now

Option 2

Take the Training

Take this 4 hour Energy Healing workshop and learn how to do this for yourself or your clients, family and friends. Sign up at www.wholebodyhealing.com or call Dana at 1-888-877-8881 for the next training dates

Option 3

Ten Private 1:1 sessions with Jessy – 10 Week Study

Participate in a 10 Week Case Study to document the results of receiving this process.
Available only in Barrie, ON.

As a thank you for participating in the study you are only billed half the price of sessions to cover room rentals and practitioners time *if ordered before Aug 30, 2012 (after that regular rates apply)


  • Each session lasts 60 minutes. Regular price $150 you pay only $75 each or $750 for 10*  can also be bought separately or in blocks of 5 inquire here
  • Promo must be signed up for by Aug 30, 2012 and completed by Nov 30, 2012
  • Keep weekly notes in point form, tracking the changes you notice with your vision or any other perceptions you recognize as being related
  • submit copies of documents from your optometrist and previous eye examinations and any other test results regarding any eye diseases or imbalances
  • Go to your eye doctor within a week of  completing of the 10th session and get your information on any changes in visual acuity or eye health and submit your eye doctor’s   reports and weekly notes for notation in the study

Book now, click here click here “YES PLEASE. I would like to participate in the study while having my vision energized and healed” or ” I would like to try at least one private session to start, please”.

or I need to talk about it and ask more questions … pick up your phone and call Jess to reduce your stress (705)241-8680

Are these claims ridiculous? I mean really, change our eyesight with energy? I did! My eye Doctor (guess who) had to write me a letter to submit to the Drivers License Bureau to let them know that at 57 years of age my eyes have improved and I no longer need to wear glasses to drive. Say What? I have worn glasses for distance since I was 7 years old!!! And I don’t need bifocals either. Keep an open mind, this is different, come see.

Whether you are skeptical or not, it works. Science is actually starting to prove what healers have known for 1000’s of years. In fact Time magazine recently featured an article about how are genes are influenced by our consciousness and our thoughts. So why wouldn’t our eyesight be affected by our beliefs? Our eye cells have DNA, and DNA can be affected by thoughts so… when the body heals anything it heals everything. Keep your mind open to improving your body and health. Everything is as it seems, and nothing is as it seems …. What else is possible?

This Is Different … come see!

Ready when you are, lets do this!



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