Three major benefits to you of Reiki are…

 At the Finding Health Clinic we teach you Alternative Natural ways of reclaiming your health and enthusiasm for living. By tuning into using Reiki energy.

 “The three major benefits of Reiki are …”

  1. Assisting people in reaching a deep state of relaxation and relieving tension in their everyday life.
  2. Teaching people how to work with their body’s natural responses instead of fighting them, and assist their body in its own natural healing process.
  3. Experiencing huge rewarding successes, such as improved sleep, recovery of proper digestion and assimilation of nutrition, freedom from allergies, effective pain management and elimination, a reduction in sideeffects from invasive medications or cancer treatments, and overall more rapid recuperation … and more

One client told me his Reiki session was probably the first time in his adult life that he felt so extremely relaxed and experienced a serentity so peaceful he felt like he was walking/ floating 4 feet in the air. He was standing taller, yet could touch his toes in ease for the first time in years.

Who do you know that has been complaining about fatigue, anxiety, apathy, or tension and pain for months or years …and wants to feel peaceful lighthearted and healthy again and now willing to do something about it?

Have them call Jess to relieve their stress, pain and anxiety.

If you can’t change the world, Come change YOUR world and  Reclaim your health at the Finding Health Clinic

APRIL SPECIAL SPRING TUNE-UP and PICK-ME-UP Rates for Reiki are $88 each or a package of 5 for $400 (save $40) PLUS get a chance to win a Spring Clean Session from Whitaker Cleaning Services or a Home Organization Assemement from Living Organized. Package of 10 Reiki sessions is $800 saving you $80 and giving you two entries to win in the April draw!

Book your appointment here and have your name entered in the draw

In case you are ready to learn this beautiful energy healing method for yourself the schedule of one day workshops is below.

 Level 1 A Change for Life: Feeling the Awareness, fine tuning to Energy Saturday April 27th read more here

Level 2 Beyond Time and Space: The keys to accelerate the change in your Life…Basic Level 2, an introduction to distance healing (Day 1) Saturay May 11 & 12  read more on Reiki Keys here
Level 2 Advanced “Soul to Cell” Tapping into deeper Intuition with Reiki 2 (Day 2) Sunday May 12th

Level 3 Gateway to Mastery: now your journey begins, walk your talk: Saturday March 22 more on Gateway to Mastery class here If you cant make this Saturda’ys class register now for the August 17th Mastery workshop. You’ll be glad you did.

Call 705-241-8680 to reserve your seat in a workshop

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