Releasing Negative Emotions = Releasing Pain

 In our BodyTalk sessions I am always reiterating that your emotions create your Pain, your Allergies, your High Blood Pressure …Hot Flashes, Smoking, Stomach aches, headaches, shoulder pain, and more ….

Christopher Westra  has put together a Positive Emotions List for our use. Now, why would you want a Negative Emotions List if you are not a BodyTalk practitioner or psychologist?

Well, I’ll tell you.

To understand yourself better, to see, hear, and feel more cognatively and transform the energy. It is all fine and dandy to know your positive emotions and increase your Emotional I.Q. that way; and we know you can also use the positive emotion words as affirmations to literally change your perception of life, your health, and of course your happiness and wealth, as long as you change your neurology too. That’s the tricky part, changing your neurology and reprograming yourself for transformatin. I call it a Breakthru. Otherwise you are just trying to lay words on old programming, which is rather ineffective.

Emotions are “Energy in motion” . They will change and move as long as you don’t get stuck in them. So many of us get trapped in the monkey mind chatter which is a broken record, or a spinning hamster wheel, and often not even our stuff, (that psychic ability you have that I keep reminding you about). Ask your body with the sway test or a pendulum “is it mine ?”, “or is it someone elses?”  If you don’t know how to “sway” book your private appointment or join us for the Mindful or MindFull Class Dec. 15th or book your “Breakthru” sessions now for my return on Dec 3 so you have no more buttons to push when your in-laws offer their ‘helpful’ advice over the holidays.


Negative emotions are a part of our earth experience.  We all have them, but in these emotions is a learning, and once we have the learning we can finally let go of the emotion/pain/symptom that is trying to draw our attention. Sometimes that takes a bit of work, other times it is so quick it feels too easy. But  you know you can do it with a bit of my coaching, eh.

However while I am away I thought I could give you a little tip, so you can help yourself.

Until I get back from my latest training, the fastest way to get over and through your negative emotions is to yes do your cortices, but also …identify the feeling, feel it fully, and then let it transmute and change into a more positive emotion. I don’t mean dwell in it, or get stuck and wallow in it.


I mean notice it, observe but don’t engage, (yes, keep breathing) and glean the learning from the emotion so you can transform the energy into healthy, happy and wealthy, which is your birthright! The metamorphosis, epiphany, the freedom, the transformation can be almost instant … You’ve all felt it in our Reiki and BodyTalk sessions together. Using the new hypnosis techniques I’m learning helps too, in astounding ways. So cool!

Now that the frost has hit Barrie, the stores are in full gear with the “Before Christmas” trance. Before that stirs up your ‘emotional stuff’ it would be a good idea to take time to clean up our issues. Rarely do we have the Norman Rockwell picture of Xmas when our family gathers to celebrate with us – no matter how much we love them. They push our buttons, act like mirrors and bring up our repressed “baggage”. So book your appointment for next week – I leave Nov 15th

or get your Negative Emotion List here so you can objectively observe whats coming up for you.  Ignore the “story” just notice the energy:

The Negative Emotion List actually has more words than the Positive Emotion List.  Surprising, isn’t it, that  our vocabulary focuses more on the pessimistic.

Here is the Positive Emotion List too if you haven’t seen it yet.

These lists can be helpful for teachers, parents, children, gnomes, auto mechanics, dentists, doctors and just about everyone! When you can identify and name the emotion you are feeling, whether it be cowardly, cynical, contrary, or conceited, sad, mad or scared, you can get through it faster if you get the energic learning. Feel that negative emotion, and get through it as quickly as possible. This is not repressing, that will haunt you. This is releasing.

If you are stuck call me for an appointment. Sometimes we need a hand to lift us out of the quick sand into the light.

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Here’s what Duani Wu had to say about her Breakthrough sessions.


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