THis Thanksgiving be a Ninja of consciousness – how to not be triggered

How to expand your aura so other people’s energy cannot trigger or attack you.

And let old issues wash off your back like water!


We brush our teeth daily, we comb our hair, we bathe, we eat and nourish our body’s daily … can you imagine if we only took care of our teeth once every 6 months when we see the hygienist, or only washed our hair when we saw the hairdresser for a haircut, or didn’t eat fresh food?

We are energy. How often do you clear your energy?  Why is that even important? Find out more here


As you often here me say “expand out”.  Go beyond your skin, beyond this room, beyond the building … if you find that difficult to relate to then see if this  analogy, my friend Dana gave me, might help you understand the necessity for choosing to expand our aura and energy instead of contracting it in preparation for a fight …  You’ll see,  this can help give you a choice “to give up the walls and resistance and lower the walls blocking you from moving into more ease” …

How? So, think of any of the Martial Arts…


When you take any training in Martial Arts you learn that it is about utilizing your energy for you, and using your attackers energy to your advantage.

karateYears ago when my son and I took a “Mom and tots self defense course”, (he was 5), it really impressed  in my mind the training in using the the attackers energy to our advantage.


We were taught that instead of trying to block an attacker, what worked better was to pull them towards us and step to the side at the same time, (my son was taught to make himself heavy – like a dead weight ). This threw the momentum of the attacker  forward and combined with the action of me stepping to the side easily landed the combatant on the floor … really with very little effort on my part!


Whereas if I would have tried to block the attack, then I was the one who ended up injured.

You can use this same idea when people are sending energy at you that you would rather not take on. When you expand out , drop the walls (resistance) then they have nothing to push against and then they fall flat and you are free to walk away.


think big and atain powerful goalsSo consider this to be your invitation to become as Dana says “A ninja warrior of consciousness”. Free of the walls and able to easily perceive when you need to step to the side, expand your aura energy and be the eye of the storm.

A different way of Be-ing steady, unperturbed, and in neutral. Isn’t it – and effective too!


Using energy this way will not allow you to feel attacked, because you will deflect the psychic energy instead of it sticking to you like fly paper.


This Thanksgiving let is give thanx for our new ever increasing energetic awareness’s.

Need help with that? You know who to call. Call Jess to relieve your stress.



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