How to be Immune to the Turmoil in your life?


(And Resistant, impervious, protected, untouchable, and unaffected too!)

Big Claim isn’t it? I can back it up, and teach you how to listen to your body. Really.

We live in a changing world. By the looks of things the world seems to be getting more unsure every passing year. Do you agree?

Your life is never going to be 100% certain. Never. Nobody ever really knows what’s just around the corner.

There is ONE thing everyone on the planet could be certain of though. Change.

I can teach you how to find Peace of Mind whatever is happening around you.

How? Be of a quiet mind. I am not talking Meditation here – that is not for everyone. I’m not talking Reiki or Huna Ho’oponopono either … although if you have it you will love this. I’m not talking Silva Mind Techniques or NLP … although those teachings definitely help too. What makes us think change is only negative, one way… to stress and illness.

Everyone Can Have a Quiet Mind, and therefore a quiet physiology and consequently a calmer anatomy. (Which means … fewer or NO allergies anymore! Less pain or NO PAIN). When we understand the hijacking of the amygdala and its fear/flight response we can work with it instead of being controlled by it. I don’t mean REPRESSING our reactions or over controlling and limiting things; because really, how has that been working for us so far?

What if the one thing you could rely upon is that your mind would be “Calm, cool, clear, collected & responsive” instead of reactive, frazzled or overwhlemed? Not just in your head but ALL over your body.

Wouldn’t it be nice to ALWAYS have a tranquil mind, be able to respond peacefully and with clarity and still feel wonderful inside, despite what is happening around you.

Now you can! Everyone can have that. Everyone. Would you like that ?  

You have the chance right at your fingertips to learn this. Yes, at Your Fingertips, and that means that you have a powerful opportunity that’s just perfect for you right now.

Jessy has just put together this powerful Workshop to give you the skill to really commune with your body. Not just a First Aid Kit to heal pain but a powerhouse you can use immediately and instantly see transformation. This will reprogram your neuron pathways to give you different results than what you have been experiencing up to now.


Curious? Sign up now for this two part workshop to gain these skills for life. 705-241-8680

Take a look here to see what you may have been missing until now:

In Day 1 we cover:

  • Practical and useable info on understanding your mind…
  • BodyTalk Cortices to de-stresss your mind and create communication between both hemispheres of the brain
  • How to  interpret your bodies signals and really hear what your body is telling you in 90 seconds or less
  • Learn how to ask your body questions and “hear/see & feel” the answers – with no doubt!
  • How to diffuse emotions running wild instantly (in 5-10 seconds).
  • How to connect with your psychic abilities and instantly develop rapport with your intuition – different than muscle testing or biofeedback.
  • How to clear your mind in three days without ever crossing your legs and chanting “OM”
  • Learn to recognize the hijacking of your Amygdala and instantly access your subconscious unconscious consciously (say that 3 times) and consistently use your favourite of 3 Powerful but EASY diffusion techniques to take you out of pain and stress

Stay for Day 2:

  • Learn how to apply all that for healing and pain management (yours or someone else’s)
  • Practice MTVSS Molecular sloughing systems “hands on” to heal the body and boost immune system (good for all Reiki practitioners, AC Bars Runners, Healers & Body Workers, Moms and lay people). Warning: Side Effects reported include –  improved vision, younger looking face and skin, improved health and smiling too much!
  • Bring your fears or other issues and clear ‘em using the tools you now have for life!

This developed because you all keep asking “What book is this info written in?” and I respond “I haven’t written it yet”. This is the precursor to my ebook, and full workshop. You get it first on Aug 2 & 3 at $99 per day. You can take day 1 now and day 2 at a later date.

The regular price in the Fall, will be $375.00 a day. This special is my Karma price for August.

Why am I offering this during the week? Because you have responded that you do not want to take away from your family weekend time, so here it is. Book here.

So, if you really want to listen to that quiet mind, inner peace at all times, and a wonderful, blissful feeling inside – you’ll know that the next step is to be in the 2 part: Listen to Your Body Workshop.

It starts on Thursday August 2nd and places are going fast.

Call 705-241-8680 to reserve your seat. Or email

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