You do not have to be in the same room with me to experience a healing.

Let Healing Come to You

Remote/Distance Sessions with Jessy Morrison


Remote healing means you can use the practitioner you are drawn to, no matter where in the world they are!

You don’t have to actually be in the same room as me to work with me. In fact often distance healings are more powerful because the mind doesnt get in the way.

“I was diagnosed with brain cancer while in Canada. Since moving back to Portugal to live with my son and his family, I have kept up with my BodyTalk™ and Reiki treatments (with Jessy remotely) and have reduced my medications and feel more balanced. My doctors are astounded at my recovery, and I am able to take care of myself again. Whenever I have trouble I call Jess!”

–Fatima B

Is time, distance, snowstorms, or immobility keeping you from getting the help you need?

Remote sessions let you enjoy the benefits of almost every type of energy healing:

  • Reiki
  • Body Talk
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • TimeLine Therapy
  • Soul Genesis Profile & Karmic Clearing
  • Tong Ren Healing, and more

… from the comfort of your own home, when you can’t make it into Jessy’s office. Often these sessions are deeper and more profound.

How remote sessions work: Think of remote sessions like wireless technology. The same way that we all have unique fingerprints, we each have an individual energy frequency. As a Reiki Master and Body Talk practitioner, Jessy is trained to tune into your frequency, the same way having the right number to dial your cell phone.  Through the principles of entrainment the healing is performed just as if you were here, in the session room with me. Even time zones do not cause interference.

Scientifically proven: Through Quantum Physics, science has proven what Eastern medicine has known for centuries … that we are all connected on an energetic level. Jessy uses this connection to bring balance and healing to your body. Jessy has worked remotely with leukemia patients after radiation treatment because she’s not allowed in the same room, and on burn victims when not allowed to touch them”. The body just needs time to focus attention with healing; Jessy calls this speaking soul to cell.”


Daniela posted this testimonial in my facebook feed   “Recently, I was having a very turbulent dark day. The kind where you’re so stuck in some of your stuff that you don’t even remember you have tools to handle that stuff.
My thinking was so clouded by all the feels, it was all I could do to reach out to Jessy. I knew I needed help even though I couldn’t get to her office to see her.
Two hours later, I realized the darkness had completely lifted and clarity had been restored and I knew Jessy had been working her magic on my behalf from afar.
Jessy, since meeting you early last Spring, I’ve undergone such amazing healing and growth. Thank you being such a beacon of Light on my path! I’m excited about paying it forward as I move forward in my Power and Live my Purpose. Namaste.

A typical remote session: Remote sessions are very much like face-to-face. Jessy contacts you beforehand to determine your goals and priorities. She still taps into your innate wisdom and utilizes neuromuscular feedback by using a surrogate. Her complete focus is on you and your priority issues. You can go about your business as usual or relax and be mindful of the experience. The only stipulation is that we set a time when you’re not driving or operating equipment. If you are sensitive to feeling energy (tingling, heat, pressure, etc.), you will experience it the same as you would if you were in my office. Often sessions are deeper as the conscious mind does not interfere or sabotage a session with limiting beliefs.

Remote sessions are offered at the same cost as an office visit. For your convenience we accept Visa & MC or email Direct Deposit. Book your appointment here

intellect intuition insight

People often ask me “How is it possible to do remote or distance sessions??”

Without being facetious in all honesty and modesty I reply “similar to the power of prayer, but with training and lots of practice. We do it by training our left and right hemispheres of our brain to work together in sync”

If you are a current client of mine you have already been indoctrinated into my knowledge that our Right brain is already directly connected to all of the information in the universe. Everything you want to know exists inside you – we call this intuition. The trick is being able to access what you already know. My training the past 20 years allows us to blend Intellect with Intuition to enhance Insight.

A good question to ponder is “Why are some people more intuitive than others?”

That question is a little more difficult to explain because we all have filtering mechanisms that keep the information in our unconscious from flooding our conscious mind. People assume that it’s hard enough to keep track of the things you need to know and think that if we could hear everyone else’s thoughts they’d be overwhelmed. I have news for you … the opposite is true, you already hear everyone else’s thoughts you just think they are yours! When we clear our filters and fine-tune our ability we are no longer receiving random chatter, our mind is quiet, and discerning.

We can be trained how to get useful information from the universe’s infinite reservoir of possibilities while still filtering out the ‘noise’ and fine tuning one’s own frequencies of awareness. In fact I teach this in my Level 2 Reiki workshops, as well as our monthly Transformatioanl Tuesday for Soul-preneurs workshops, Intuition Workshops, and in Group Healing packages. Once we tap into this awareness and keep honing our skill  although it takes effort and practice it is a very natural skill.  We only use this gift when we ask a person’s permission.

energy repatterning

Training the Left Brain to be open to “I CAN” is more challenging, that logical linear part of us prefers to generate doubt because it  was trained in school to “know that your senses only extend so far” but that too can be opened and reprogrammed. For example ‘you believe you can’t see around corners, you believe you can’t hear through a thick wall, etc.” but that isn’t necessarily true.  Your left brain “knows” thousands of reasons why you can’t be intuitive and will try to trip you up.

Learning Reiki 2nd Degree twenty years ago taught me to tune in at a distance and to send Reiki energy healing to others around the world. The Reiki 2mantras and symbols taught me to get my mind out of my own way, and into the deep meditative Alpha healing waves. After studying BodyTalk with John Veltheim, and later Dr. Kaiimi Popovich and following his research with the Center for Biofield Research in India, as well as integrating courses taught by John Crundell, Loesje Jacobs, Tom Tan, and Ernie Parvan I learned how blend the ability to send out healing in all the modalities I use and report the feedback of information my client needs to know while they receive this healing energy. The result: it’s amazingly accurate, and profoundly healing.

Each session proves over and over again that our consciousness is connected to a universal consciousness. It has been a fascinating journey  accumulating feedback that we keep  getting answers and results that our left brain could not have acquired on its own. You  will be amazed at the depth of healing because your conscious mind cannot sabotage or slow down the changes as you learn the simple truth: we are connected to All That Is.

 The real answer to developing our intuition and doing remote or distance sessions is to relax; to allow; to trust, and clear our energy field daily. I tell my clients to incorporate intuition into every moment, each task, and all breaths. You are already connected to universal knowledge and All That Is. Let me help you open that connection to deeper healing.

Your conscious mind may not yet perceive that connection however your right brain has always been intuitive. So,  when the left and right lobes of the brain work together that we are in perfect balance and therefore healthy, without pain, allergies, anxiety or dis-ease.

Want to l now more? Read my article about the Power of Thought on Water

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“The Magic of Distance Sessions” as explained by John Veltheim founder of Body Talk

world of raised hands bodytalk

Distant healing sessions allow for the benefits of healing regardless of an individual being physically present with the practitioner. Also known as remote healing, it has been practiced for centuries with countless testimonials attesting to improvements in the mind/body complex. Although long-practiced in the East, its efficacy is being recognized in clinical studies to a much greater extent in the West, as the practice of consciousness-based medicine takes a more front row seat alongside traditional paradigms.

For many, it may seem odd to say that a healing session can be conducted at a distance. On the surface, it sounds like something assigned to trained mystics with specific dress and accoutrements, surrounded by a haze of incense. It just seems too “out there” to respectfully be explained scientifically.

Except that, it can.

Although there is no one answer to why distant healing works, quantum physics, which is the application of the philosophy of consciousness, provides a solid one.

Early quantum physicists have noted that subatomic particles such as electrons are in instantaneous communication with each other—often at thousands of times the speed of light, and regardless of distance—resulting in the mind/body complex being a dynamic web or hologram of reality and interrelated events. When something shifts in one location, components within the web naturally respond and shift as well. This means that on some deeper level, all things—and people—in the universe are interconnected.

Since BodyTalk is a consciousness-based method of health care, we can effectively conduct techniques within the practice remotely. A practitioner mentally focuses on the client’s holographic information, with the understanding that time and space are not barriers to effect change in that very hologram. Often, what happens in a group distance healing session, is that what comes up as a priority or formula for one or several people in the group, resonates deeply with the other group members, initiating changes in all participants. Consequently, many BodyTalk practitioners are familiar with the exercise of doing a self “tap out” of the head, heart and gut when another person at a distance is receiving a session.

The potential effect of distant healing is even more profound if you consider how modern technology has further bridged the time-space continuum. Communications are instantaneous, and in so many different forms. A heart-felt text message, for example, telling someone that they are loved, can potentially avert a depressed state from otherwise devolving into an act of self-harm.

The effect of distant healing often begins when a decision is made to engage in such. The commitment is often followed by a sense of excitement, a movement in the right direction towards healing and growth. Synchronicities, or what Carl Jung coined as “meaningful coincidences,” may abound, as you arrive at the moment of your session, with call or login information in hand, and perhaps a notebook and pen as well.

You are like a radio antenna receiver in the holographic field, and something is ready to shift.

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