Lyrics to Rudolf from The BNI Finding Health Team

 We had the opportunity to put on a small Sing Song Skit for 100 of our friends at BNI (Business Network International) to celebrate Christmas and honour our Charity of choice – The Season’s Center for Grieving Children.

We chose to have fun with and ham up Rudolph the RED-EYED RED-NOSED Reindeer.

Here are the lyrics (sing along if you wish):

You know Chris, Jess, and Rob, Deborah and Susan

Optometrist, Body Talk, Pet Food, Therapist and Grief Center

But do you recall “The Most Famous Reindeer of all”?

Rudolph the red-eyed reindeer had two very bloodshot eyes

and if you ever saw him, you would ask why are they dry?

Olive the other doctor used to laugh and chase him away

She never gave poor Rudolf the time of day

Then one foggy Christmas eve, Chris Schell came to say (Chris, Chris, Chris)

Rudolph with your eyes so red, don’t you want relief instead?


Then how Rudolf loved him, as he shouted out with glee

Dr. Chris my eyes are so white, now I can finally see!


Rudolph the White-eyed reindeer had a very stuffy red red nose

And if we tell the whole truth lots of pain between his toes

Tired of pooping pills, tired of a lot of stress

Rudolph the white eyes red nosed reindeer off he went to hand with Jess (Jess, Jess, Jess)

So he trotted off for help, even with sore toes

Finding Jessy’s Health Clinic was his goal to get relief and get back to the pole

Now that his pain is over, Rudolph is a grateful deer

Jessy the BodyTalk-er thanks to you his nose is clear


Rudolph is getting hungry, tired of his boring grain

Even his coat is dulling; low grade food impaired his brain

Olive the other reindeer told him that her back was sore

Lugging the big fat food bags from the distant grocery store

Olive learned form BNI Multi Menu’s Name (Rob, Rob, Rob)

So she ordered top grade food, reliably delivered consistently good

Here is the added bonus, just in case you want to know

Rudolph & Olive poop less …which improves the look of snow!


I know you think its over; but Rudolph has a family

And if you didn’t notice, his marriage is a catastrophe

Olive the other reindeer told him that she wanted to split

Now they are in divorce court fighting in a justice pit

So before they got too far, they went to mediate

Deborah helped them to collaborate now they’re going out for a date

Thanks to the Reflection Center its good to have a place to vent

Even the reindeer children see a big difference!


Here is the end of our story, even though its somewhat sad

Rudolph the grieving reindeer, recently he lost his dad

And if you didn’t know this, Grief is something we all feel

Helping a grieving child, really is a big big deal

Seasons Center we support and we need your help

Here’s a chance to show you care, take away an amazing bear

Tickets are $20 a great deal for a few bucks

Please stop and buy some tickets

And we thank you good good luck!


Merry Christmas everyone.

Thanks to:

Dr. Chris Schell Barrie EyeCare

Deborah Alton the Reflection Center

Rob Dalcourt Multi Menu Pet food

And the Seasons Center for working with me and promoting BodyTalk to their clients this year

Happy New Year Everybody!

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