Your Voice is like your fingerprint – Curious? Energy Pattern transformation demo using Hado Water and Scalar Sound Technology

Your Voice is like your fingerprint – unique to you. Our voice expresses the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical composition that makes up our individuality. This communication doorway  that we call the voice carries the beliefs, the worries, the fears and the loves in all of its expressions. It carries your personality and by this medium you are known. Your voice is your signature, it is personal to you and creates your image in the mind of others just like a fingerprint. It also carries your distortions, judgements fears implants and deficiencies.

 New Scalar technology helps to correct altered sound and brain wave patterns that can cause distortions of the life experience. By balancing these vibrations, natural restoration can take place. Many people in Barrie have bought the resonance cubes (Focus, Protection, Love) to run in their homes and offices. One real-estate agent has one running in the homes she sells to clear stagnant and residual energies and enhance the frequency resonation of the homes so they sell to new families better. I personally have had the “Protection cube” running for months in my home and office to keep the healing frequencies clean and energized. Life feels easier, and more joyful even when supposed “catastrophe’s” happen. Challenges now become just an “interesting point of view” and we look forward to “what else is possible”.

Curious? Come see…

Group Demonstration: 7:00 PM  – Monday May 14  – is FULL

Wednesday May 16, 2012 7 PM – still has seats available, please let me know if you are coming, 705-241-8680, or just show up, there is room for 25 of you. Cost is $25. (If you bring your friends one of you gets in free or split the cost).

Where:  Positive Pathways 40 Bellfarm Rd in Barrie  

Sign up for Individual sessions the night of the demo, some private appointment times still remain                                   

Bill Little is back to demonstrate Scalar Wave Sound Therapy and Structured Water.

Together with this sound vibration is approval from Dr. Emoto to incorporate Hado Water technology!

How well your body replicates cells depends very much on the ingredients it has to do the job with. But even more important is how the ingredients are being carried into the cells. Hexagonal ScalarwaveStructured Water™ has the correct geometry to penetrate the membranes of the cells and deliver the ingredients. We do not add any minerals or other ingredients to our solutions. Everything is accomplished through the imprinting of energy frequencies using our proprietary sacred Scalarwave structuring process.

Sound Energy Technology takes your voice sample, determines its weakness and strengths and lowers these frequencies down into the brain wave frequencies where thought begins. The missing or necessary frequencies are then sent back to the body through a sub-woofer speaker system and a Miracoil Imprinting Coil, giving you the energetic resonance you are missing from your current vibration. In the personal session a CD is made of the vibrations so you can take the recording home and  listen to the recording daily to increase your vibration, to feel calmer, healthier, and allow life to feel easier.

 Would you like to be able to release old patterns, entities and judgement implants easily?

Easier than using other energy work! (Although I use it together with all my other healing modalities like BodyTalk, Reiki and Access Consciousness, it is not an either or choice, it is fully complimentary).

Would you like to come into alignment with your Essence Self? 

To satisfy your curiosity join us at the demo Monday May 14th or May 16th at 7 pm at Positive Pathways … bring your friends. This will truly be an experience you don’t forget, it will astound you!

Some Private Sessions available after Tuesday May 15, phone or email for booking.

Testimonial: I came home jubilantly from the doctor visit yesterday. For the second round of blood tests, a month apart, everything is finally “normal”. I am excited!!! I am drinking rejuvenation water in the morning and focus water in the afternoon. The RJ tube and Focus cube are going 24/7 as well… It’s pretty amazing that no sign of Graves Disease (hyper-active thyroid) is evident after being in bed with it for almost two months. The second day after starting drinking the water, I felt better; the third day I felt like I made a complete turn around. My energy level is back. I am back to doing yoga and two mile walks. I also want to say I find I am having deeper meditations, which I love.

My son had a bad fall last summer, and since he has been drinking the water he tells me it’s the first time time he wakes in the morning with no pain. I feel so blessed to have this technology available to me at this time. It is very exciting.

In gratitude, love and joy, M. Basilici

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Looking forward to seeing you at the demo Monday May 14th or May 16th at 7 pm at Positive Pathways …40 Bell Farm Road  Barrie, ON L4M 5G1

Reserve your spot now. 705-241-8680



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