Scalar Energy-Bath Sacred Sound and Voice Vibrations

Calling all Healers and those on a transformational path, this is cool. We thought BodyTalk was unconventional and ground breaking? This is something different! Check this out …

“Scalar Energy-Bath Sacred Sound and Voice Vibrations”

Group Session: 7:00 PM – Dec 12th
(Individual Private Sessions Tuesday Dec 13th)

Join us for an evening of empowerment, education and experience designed to unlock the memory of who you truly are!


  • Feel the vibration of holographic sound frequencies
  • Rest the mind-body in a coherent energy field
  • Receive insights and inner guidance
  • Release stored stress and uproot subconscious thought patterns
  • Awaken to the peace within you using your personal voice imprint

Contribution to group session: $20 ~ Everyone Welcome

For the Private Individual Session on Tuesday December 13th, your own unique voice imprint generates 30 minutes of personalized healing sounds. A “before” and “after” reading to see the shifts in your energy is available too. You’ll also receive a CD with these sounds, and imprinted water, to use afterward to continue your continued clearing and healing. Cost $125

Bill Little, a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach, offers this group experience in Barrie as he travels to communities around Canada making his way home to Alberta for Christmas. Come to know the essence of YOU, through Sound, Voice Vibration, and Structured Water.

Sound Energy Research Technology has the ability to heal by selecting the energy from the voice as both the guide and the path.

Our voice expresses the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical composition that makes up our individuality. This doorway called the voice carries the beliefs, the worries, the fears and the loves in all of its expressions. It carries your personality and by this medium you are known. Your voice is your signature, it is personal to you and creates your image in the mind of others just like a fingerprint.

Sound Energy Technology takes your voice sample, determines its weakness and strengths and lowers these frequencies down into the brain wave frequencies where thought begins. The necessary frequencies are then sent back to the body through a sub-woofer speaker system and a Miracoil Imprinting Coil.

bill-little, Barrie Scalar Energy


Would you like to be able to release old patterns easily?

Easier than using BodyTalk!

Come into alignment with your Essence Self?

Scalar energy is Loving vibration, and its tools can help you take the next step in personal evolution.

To find out how, come join us at 7PM December 12th, 2011: in Barrie
RSVP required 705 241-8680

In the evening group session, you’ll combine your energetic voice imprint with that of the group; scalar technology will evaluate the imprint, and create 30 minutes of sounds tailored to clearing the group’s needs and stresses. The balancing sounds are empowered by scalar energy and noble gases and reinforced by the water that you’ll drink at the session.

Bill Little, the facilitator, will be on hand to introduce and talk about the technology, as well as to answer your questions.

He’ll show you a before and after voice sample for your group, to illustrate the changes.

RSVP required
Location: Private home please call or email Jessy for address details

For more info or to book your own private session on Tuesday :

Call: Jessy 705 241-8680


Read More: Just4Me or Smart Technology Association

For the Private Individual Session on Tuesday December 13th, your own unique voice imprint generates 30 minutes of personalized healing sounds. A “before” and “after” reading to see the shifts in your energy is available too. You’ll also receive a CD with these sounds, and imprinted water, to use afterward to continue your continued clearing and healing. Cost $125

To find out more about the technical details of the VAHS cube, the technology which you will be experiencing , go here.

Alternatively, please contact Jessy with any questions you may have, &/or to book your appointment.

More: Mark your datebooks – Back by very popular demand – Bill Little, with the scalar energy tools for transformational growth – he was here at the end of March, and we have him coming back for 1 day next week Please pass this along to interested individuals….

What are these tools all about? First, 2 questions :

1) If we could show you a simple, fast way to remove stress and bring more joy, grace and love into your life, would you be interested in that?

2) If you were able to easily release whatever stops you from experiencing peace and prosperity, without a lot of struggle, would you choose to do so?

Who wouldn’t answer affirmatively to these questions – everyone wants this. Well, there are many like you, around the world, who have experienced finding these things, via using these scalar energy tools. We offer some international (including from Masaru Emoto), as well as some local and international testimonials at the bottom of this email. Also websites for you to find out more.

For those of you, like me, who didn’t/don’t know about this technology, it is the same as zero point energy, which is freely and abundantly available (in terms of physics), as it exists in potential form between all the protons, neutrons and electrons that are everywhere in creation. And now there are tools to access and activate it for our healing. The VAHS – for Voice Analysis Hydration System) uses your voice imprint which, like your fingerprint, is completely unique to you. The computer program then scans your voice sample for what is there (out of over 1 ½ million sound bits), and what is missing, vibrationally. What is missing is due to stressful patterns that we are holding onto. Some of these patterns are known to us consciously, and some are ancient/ancestral, and held within the less-than-conscious parts of us. The computer then identifies the missing sounds and feeds them back to us while we sit comfortably and listen, hum along with and vibrate.

 “…journeying into the MOST profound and blissful serenity that I have ever experienced. And I do mean ever.You get the idea. I have NEVER experienced anything so profoundly and easily relaxing and blissful. When Bill looked into my eyes at the end and told me how beautiful I was, though that may sound corny, it was not. It was the most powerful part of the healing ceremony for me, because for the first time in this lifetime, I had no defenses, no blinders, no self-protective bits of armoring up around me – I knew he was seeing my I Am presence, and I felt perfectly comfortable and peaceful with this (no fears about what he saw, about any limitations in me). When he saw my I Am presence, this was reflected in love and clarity back to me, and I knew it too. I can’t tell you how powerful this was. I am told the healing affects our DNA and cellular memories (this means it touches all of what is within our luminosity – affecting all our bodies). And, incredibly, unlike some healing experiences I have enjoyed, it has lasted. It appears to be permanent. It has profoundly changed my stressful patterns quickly and easily – I’m amazed by this too – there are no long and complicated practices I need to engage in, to keep my vibrational level in the same place. I just need to listen to my CD when it feels right, and drink my structured (a la Masaru Emoto) water. So, these healings are not only powerful but easy. I know this runs counter to what many of us have experienced (the belief that change/healing is hard work). However, what I’ve been given by my guides is that these tools have been re-given to humanity at this particular point (because we are within the Shift), to assist with trying to ensure as many souls as possible can harmonize with the Shift – both long time Light-workers and newly awakening souls.” – Deb

We will also have 2 of the brand new scalar tools that have just been released available and running during both the group and individual times. We are also looking at ways of providing you with visible, tangible, physical evidence of what has shifted for you during the session (“before” and “afters”).

The details:

Individual sessions during the day time: 1 – 1 ½ hours. Cost: the normal fee of $150 is reduced for this event to $125. As part of our service to humanity, we do not want anyone to miss this opportunity to experience this powerful empowerment solution to assist them in their life journey. Therefore we would also like to provide value based pricing. If you feel the session fee is not right for you, then the price you pay is determined by the value you feel you received and your ability to pay.

In addition to the session’s healing, you also get a CD of your healing sounds to listen to afterward (again, when I meditate while listening to mine, I go very, very deep into bliss and serenity, but you don’t need to meditate, you can just listen to the CD while you are doing dishes, eating, sleeping). And there is hexagonally structured water (from the work of Masaru Emoto) that has also been imprinted with your healing vibrations, to drink in the month afterward (or longer if you wish).

We are anticipating a very full schedule. Last time, though there were vacancies at the beginning of the event, by the end, we were barely able to squeeze everyone who wanted individual times into the schedule. So if you are interested, please get in touch early to ensure your spot is available when you want it.

More Testimonials:

 “If this new system becomes popular, music therapy would be able to make a quantum leap, because the sound with the most suitable information can be delivered to our individual cells…Mr Lloy developed software capable of creating a suitable sound after having a person vocalize for 15 seconds…I tried it myself. As I was exhausted from overseas travel and I was also quite busy writing, I had very stiff shoulders with some pain. After listening to the sound created by the software for 30 minutes, the stiffness in my shoulders suddenly disappeared”.

Masaru Emoto – page 124 in “The True Power of Water”

“The VAHS worked efficiently to remove deep pain and fear. I reconciled with my husband and started living a life of joy and peace”.

Chris Lanza

 It was like a miracle for me. I used to always be worried and fearful. After a few VAHS sessions, this totally vanished”.

Henrik Cervin

This was the quickest least painful therapy ever. It dealt with my stuff like a psychic drill…releasing it and making me feel free again. I will never be in the same old rut. I feel reborn again. Finally something that works. I can sleep at night again”.

Sue Goldstein

 “I have used the scalar energy tools and water myself, and have also had the opportunity to observe many others who have done the same. The main thing that I have witnessed, both personally and in the lives of the others, is that relationships, especially problematic ones, begin to shift very quickly after the sessions take place. Family dynamics seem to be easily affected by this process”.

Ellen Polley

Wow, peace finally!!! … It took me inside to a place of grace, of deep meditation, a place of balance that was surprisingly unfamiliar and naturally so wonderful. Ahhh, being in the moment. During the following days after the initial treatment, I continued listening to the personalized CD and drinking the water and again, it took me deeper into this place of centeredness and strength, and of course sometimes along the way, there was some dissonance I had to deal with. Anger and frustrations did come and I just kept listening and doing my best at letting go and every time I did listen again once more, it helped me find peace I’ve been yearning for, so easily. It’s never been this easy over all these years with various treatments, not even in meditation. Let me repeat this, it’s NEVER been this easy!!! I’ve done this the hard way too and honestly there’s just so much I can handle. I’m so happy this has come into my life and brought much lightness back into my life, thank you!!! What beautiful discovery.


Lastly then, more details – websites – for more information, please google Smart Technology Association – there is an incredible wealth of information on this site, including details about the tools, some short videos, and sound clips to try out. Also, Just 4 Me Energetics.

To schedule a session, please either respond to this email, or send your preferred date/time to

blessings to each and all of you,

within love, Jessy

Bill Little

306-536-6092 or

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