What if we don’t have to keep our “dis-figurments”? Is this possible?

 I was away this weekend to learn more about cellular demanifestation and molecular repair….

Why? to help  reverse common ailments such as tumors, cysts, scars and more.

Is this possible? Yes! Totally.

Did you know your skin regenerates in 30 days? (That’s why they invented vacuum cleaners!)

No kiddng, in 30 days you have an entirely new bag holding your soul and animating your personality. Some of you think of your body as a machine and take it for granted, but your body is a living, breathing, renewing organism! It talks to you daily, telling you what it needs, when it needs something and how much it requires. Are you listening???? If not, why not? Book now to learn how. Press GO

By learning to use the body’s natural energy, my clients have found great success in reversing common ailments such as tumors, cysts, scars, physical and mental fatigue, as well as other diseases and conditions that prescriptions medications do not alter.

Energy work helps the body to become stronger and better able to ward off debilitating circumstances and as such I am looking for a warm referral to connect with Doctors of Oncology and Reconstructive Plastic surgeons. Do you know anyone who knows one? Email me now please. That would be a good referral partner for me. We could help so many people together, not just with reducing scaring but with eliminating fear, phobias, stinkin’thinin’ and rebuilding their confidence.

How about you? Have you got scars, lumps and bumps you that you “hate” and are attacking your own body with judgement? Come in and learn how to do the “Sway test ” to listen to and appreciate your body . You will be shocked and amazed and really quite delighted to finally have communication with your body, beyond the “ouch …ooopps… damn …owww …F**k…” and chronic aches and pains your body is now using  as it tries to get your attention.

Ready for a change? Jessy uses BodyTalk to help you Find health inside and improve your health & appearance on the outside. Use the sway test…


Private Half Hour Sway Test lesson $88 with BodyTalk Tune up. Book here, press GO

Private Sway Test Lesson with Molecular demanifestation and de-molecular manifestation cell repair $113 for an hour. (or package of 5 for $500) You are Ready? so press GO

Private Sway Test Body Communication & Cellular repair $113 for an hour (package of 10=$900)  Yes please, can’t wait

Private sway test and Energetic Face lift $150 per session or $625 for 5 sessions, $1200 for 10 session. Yes it really works, after 10 sessions its pretty permanent! Side effects? Some: improved vision, figure slims, wrinkles soften or disappear, smile too much, energy returns, and you might find yourself humming a lot.

Book now to have Jess reduce your stress.Go

If you haven’t yet used my services and have only heard your friends rave about me, book yourself in for the 1/2 hour Sway Test Consultation and see what all the fuss is about! You will find this refreshing health care method enlightening and transforming. For convenience you can book your appointment online here. No more waiting for me to call you back!

If you are determined to stay healthy, or regain your health Jessy will open doors to a new understanding of how our body operates and improve your effectiveness in looking after your own wellbeing. Email or phone me with questions. Looking forward to helping you REDISCOVER your HEALTH and TRUE POTENTIAL.


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