A SET-BACK is Merely a SET-UP for the Future

 A “Set-Back” is merely a “Set-Up” for the future

Well January 2013 has come and gone, and so many of you feel your goals and resolutions slipping away. What an interesting point of view!

I almost fell into that trap over the last 3 weeks.

A most interesting new year it has been for my family, talk about set backs! We stretched, we overcame and we grew… just not the kind of growing I was anticipating. But we grew and learned A “Set Back” is merely a “Set Up” for the Future!

I certainly learned that 3 weeks ago when I tore my right illiacus muscle and sprained my psoas muscles – major OUCH! Couldn’t sit, stand, lie down or move. Doctor said at least 6 weeks in bed off my feet on pain killers and muscle relaxants. Ah – excuse me? Me, ya sure… certainly not, Thank you! I have things to do, goals to achieve, a world to improve, people to save.

So I said politely, “Umm, thank you, I just wanted to know what I had done, and see how this was manifesting in the physical”. Crawled back into my car and went home to contemplate what metaphor I was enacting. Where was I sabotaging my moving forward, and what I was going to do about it. This seemed like a major setback, or was it? What was my unconscious mind “asking” me to take the time to learn or pay attention to? What had to rip in order to be released? What energy level was I needing to resonate with?

Since I could barely breathe or move without that intense blinding white light searing my brain with pain, I did what I think any decent energy worker would do. I called for help!

I needed other healers’ energy to lift me out of my stuck-ness. After all if you keep doing what you always did, you keep getting what you always got, right! Well no more, it was time to move forward to where 2013 was leading me. Obviously I had to do what I tell my clients to do, ‘go within, focus on me, and ask my body what was my unconscious mind trying to tell me…’ so I did.

In 6 intense days I had lots of bed rest and journaling, self Reiki daily, BodyTalk Access daily,, and a marathon of multiple sessions of: 2 Distance BodyTalk, 1 Reiki session, 4 Massages, 1 Bars session, 1NLP /Hypnosis session, and a Timeline Therapy Goal Setting session … each one bringing more and more RELIEF and flexibility. List of healers here

Now after 6 concentrated days Voila my hip & leg are better than new!!!! No limp, no twinges of pain, walking forward with new stability and confidence, and a sexy swish too.

 I just had to walk my talk more intensely than ever before to take me to the next level. Well, I’m here.

 Where is here? Well,

Had a dream that my new marketing plan was not merely global but Intergalactic!

I want to do BodyTalk on the astronauts in space shuttles! Hmm, why not? And what else is possible? (HaHa must have been the pain talking, maybe…  I used to know Roberta Bondar, and isn’t Marcel in Innisfil, anybody got connections?)

So where are you holding yourself back? What are you attempting to change or stall; Your health, work environment, relationships, your joy? What challenges do you want to overcome? Book your tune-up here

It takes new neurology to take you to a new place. You are not stuck, you are just not “there” yet. New things are uncomfortable because they are unfamiliar, your old structures and systems no longer support where you are heading.

 Need help? Don’t wait till the pain is too intense. Its not to late to get on board for Jessy’s January Jumpstart, because although it has a nice ring to it, we can jumpstart positive change all year long. A set-back is just a set-up preparing you for stepping into the new.” See our ♥February special  ♥


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And just in case you want to know, here’s my healing team: Thank you to each and everyone of you. Without you my recovery would not have been so swift & easy!



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