A Celebration of Life


I went to a “Celebration of Life” on Saturday. (Inhonour of Mare, previous client of mine). When I got there her husband and sister asked me to speak. I was surprised, but the family said that by working with me she had changed so much, the sadness, regret and bitterness she had her entire life left, and she had found a profound peace. They said her aura was so big she brought comfort to the people at hospice, and her family. She was content to go.

When Frank introduced me to the assembly he started with Sometimes a healing isn’t physical, it is spiritual and we evidenced that first hand when Marie worked with Jessy Morrison who does BodyTallk. Every family member noticed it and we were all awed by the change in her. “


Our last session together…

was a soul genesis and a Reiki Mastery attunement. In SG she found out what soul groups she was from, what she had been here to work on, her Transitional Gateway, and her Destiny of Bardo. (Bardo is a state of enlightenment and oneness with all that is. The state she has always tried to attain in meditation. The state she has achieved now in her transition. During the session we helped  her connect to her angels, gave her new guides of Love Light and Truth and helped her realize this journey continues. There were other private Akashic records we read for her and she found clarity and a new perspective.

This last re-attunement to Reiki 3 helped connect her to her own spirit in a big way. She gave me a parting gift, and said she knew what she would be doing next time around, writing stories for children. She said I had given her courage on our journey, to tell her loved ones and everyone who was ever important to her what they meant to her, even ex-husbands and others. All she would miss was the full sensuality of life, but a part of her had felt elusive to this anyway.


Everyone came up to me after wards, and thanked me for my “speech” and for sharing the intimacy and bonding she and I had, it made sense to them now somehow. I have no idea what I said, I talked about her zest for life, her sensuality with colour, her delectable love of cooking and eating, her love of all things energetic and spiritual, her unconventionality… and that if I had known her longer we would have been great mischief makers standing the conventionality of the world on its ear. She was a healer without the title – she loved homeopathy, crystals, Unity church,  children, and I imagine her like a wood-sprite running naked through the woods. That is how I remember Marie.


Thank you Marie, for allowing me to be a part of your life, and for helping me grow on your journey to your truth.

Thank you Lord for putting me on this path so many years ago and leading me to Judith to teach me Soul Genesis without which I could not have helped Marie in such a profound way. I can’t wait to learn more.


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