Best made sock on planet earth! Have you been Voxxed yet?

One of my clients commented that these socks are “Strangely Magical”, she has MS.

Truly this is so weird. I usually hate socks. I have always preferred being barefoot, even in winter. Not anymore!!!

These are in fact the first socks I have ever found to be comfortable, they have arch support that divinely cradles my foot, and they hug my ankles in a comforting way that is made to relieve plantar fasciitis pain. And I’m not getting that irritating cracked dry heels other sock give me.

magical soxBut that is not all …

My clients report they feel more grounded, stronger, more balanced, stability is enhanced …

One of my clients with MS  says “they are strangely magical“.


Another of my MS clients is now working for the first time in 5 years!!


An elderly client can now write

again without shaking or tremors she assumed were old age.

My clients with varicose veins no longer need to wear their unsightly compression socks, their pain is relieved. Circulation and lymph supply is improved, which is helping the entire body be in homeostasis.

A gentleman waiting for hip surgery says “I might not need hip surgery now!” he has bought soxx for every day of the week, and insoles for all his shoes. He says “this has giving me my life back”.

I could go on for hours with the testimonials …

Yes I am excited!! You know that my mission is a world without pain. I love helping people and now I can do it this way too. Science is such a miracle! Especially science that focuses on meridian lines, reflexology points, and the central nervous system … combining science with energy work …now you’re speaking my language here.


If it’s time for you to Get Voxxed and find relief from pain, insomnia, anxiety, speed up recovery from surgery or injury give me a shout. Watch this miraculous testimonial from a  man with 5 neurological disorders and his doctor!


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