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hello summer


Hello Summer, Hello a time for Renewal!

A perfect time for the family to come in together for Energetic tune-ups to stay on top of their game and enjoy this season to its fullest. Also a great time to buy our your Family Tune-up Packages for 2017 as prices increase September 9th.

Conditions: Must pay for order before July 30th, and use one session before Aug 30th 2017. Use the remainder as your body dictates.




 Five  July Specials Custom Made for you:

 summer special offers1). Family Pack: $750. Save $500! Buying in Packages reduces your hourly rate from $250 to $175/hour. Can be used on Body Talk, EFT, PSych-K, Bars to help you Reclaim your Body (Remove Allergies/ Fears/ Anxiety, etc).  No limit to number of packages assigned per household. Great for summer injuries and concussions too.

2). Soul Profile and Karmic clearing. $375 for reading and clearing plus recording. or July and August only – No charge for Personal PDF background Value $125.

3). Vision Correction Series buy 12 hour pack for $1200  and get 3 FREE 1/2 hour sessions to give away or use on yourself.

4.) NEW Sound Healing 30 minute personalized Tune-up – from Body Talk 3 Brains and the Soul. Single session with Mp3 recording of your own chants

 Harmonize your body and mind to resonate together like a symphony.

Did you know that the sound of your voice travels in sound waves in and around all the cells in your body, when you chant you are unlocking energy blockages and dis-ease that is perpetuating a disharmony within all your cells.

Sound therapy works at a cellular level …

it actually moves stuck repressed emotions around to effect natural healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. In BodyTalk we acknowledge that you in fact have 3 physical brains – the Enteric Brain, The Heart Brain, and The Mind. When these three systems are out of alignment the entire human organism derails.

Sound vibrations allow you to connect within, bringing forward a natural state of active relaxation and inner awareness.

Come in for a “quickie” 30 minute Sound Healing Tune-up, to reclaim and empower your Souls voice, and step into your healing journey. Recording provided so you can tune up every day and continue to unite body, mind and spirit in a bath of sound created personally for you.



5). QCP smileAlso NEW! Quantum Change Process. After July 15th the first 5 people to order a QCP’s save $600!!


For July only the cost is $150 per hour when you purchase the 6 hour package. Cost $900+HST, Value $1500

or save an extra $300! Only $125 per hour when you purchase the 12 hour package! Save $1500!!! Cost $1500+HST.  Value $3000!!

Want to know more Private message me.


All of the modalitites I use in my holistic practice considers the whole person — body, mind, spirit, and emotions — in the quest for optimal health and wellness. 


Jessy’s services work with the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Like a computer with too many programs running in the background, our health declines when we do not take the time to process life’s experiences, harmonize within and evolve. Through different services and diverse training, Jessy works with her clients to elevate health and move forward embracing life.


Do you need help clearing core issues related to:
• relationship struggles – Great as a family dynamics pack!  – clear out hidden resentment and open the energy of forgiveness and love.

recurring illness – find out the patterns replaying themselves and poisoning your body
addictions – clear out self loathing, bitterness, and attachments
abuse –  time to recover a sense of safety, release victimization and move on
fatigue – it takes more energy to repress the unconscious than to expose it and release it – a gentle way to free your energy
eating disorders – go back in time and unprogram the program
sleep disturbances – ah, to be able to feel safe enough to sleep, you’ll see
childhood trauma – feelings buried alive never die, uncover the blocked intensity and expand out to ease
compulsive behaviours – when/where did you decide you had to have control, find the truth and new context


 Here are some side effects you can expect:

• RELIEF of chronic tension

• DISAPPEARANCE OF deep-seated anxieties

• STRENGTHENED immune system

• IMPROVED relationships & communication

• RELEASE of self-negating patterns

• INCREASED energy & vitality

• GREATER motivation, confidence, self-worth

• ENRICHED sense of well-being

• HEIGHTENED awareness & intuition



So when is now the time to begin to find your true self and purpose? Call Jess to reduce your stress.



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