Happy Canada Day Weekend! the weather was exquisite wasn’t it, eh!

 Happy Canada Weekend, the weather was exquisite wasn’t it, eh!

So for you did that mean… TOO MUCH SUN?
                                                         … an -OUCH- Sports Injury?
                                                         … or TOO MUCH BBQ?
                                                         Or worse …. Poison Ivy?

 If you were outdoors more than your skin could handle and got a sunburn or overheated and got sunstroke or a headache then BodyTalk is a perfect way to restore your health. Come on in. You can keep putting on Aloe Vera too  to cool the skin, and continue to drink lots of refreshing water but find the time to do your “Cortices” tapping and then come in and tune up your entire “intergumentary system” to regenerate and rehydrate adequately thereby avoid overexposing these burns so you do not develop skin cancer. While we are at it we’ll calm the pressure in your head too. Your body really knows how to heal, but sometimes it needs you to give it the time and space to tune-up with a pair of healing hands to really soothe it. Access to Jessy’s calendar here

Did you overestimate your ability to play weekend Warrior at the beach and accidentally twist your ankle, get a mild concussion, or strain your back? BodyTalk is perfect for renegotiating the communication within your nerves, muscles, joints and lymph to reduce swelling and take away pain from too much play so you heal faster! (Well, unless you like your aches to get peoples attention).  But if you’re serious about getting back in the game come see Jess to reduce that stress. Concussions, sprains, breaks, carpel tunnel, sore muscles, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis all respond quickly and well to Energy healing. Access Jessy’s appointment book here.

For those of you who celebrated with too much good food and your belly is rebelling with indigestion or heartburn … put away the Tums and antacids that’s not what you need and come in and let the energy help your stomach digest all that indulgence. Your body is telling you specifically what it needs right now; BodyTalk can help you identify if in fact you are reacting to food additive intolerances or other toxins and balance out the body so you no longer feel discomfort and can digest better. Warning this may take a few sessions until the body recalibrates itself, special pricing for packages of treatments are available. Access to Jessy’s calendar here

Energy medicine keeps your body in tip-top form helping your entire body process what it needs, when it requires it and in the right quantities specifically for you. Poison Ivy? Ivan K played soccer in a field laced with PI. Nothing over the counter helped – for days he was in agony. His entire body scabbing over. Doctors said short of steroid cream there was nothing more he could do. We did a full hour of BodyTalk Access and his itch subsided within minutes, sent him home with Cortices tapping home work and his body healed without a trace, and it has never reoccurred ! Needless to say Ivan learned Reiki and BTAccess shortly thereafter!

As you can tell  I am very excited with the benefits of the BodyTalk system. One of the reasons it excites me is that BodyTalk works to balance the body’s response to Life (meaning your exposure to toxins, climate, what you eat and allergens, and BodyTalk reduces the effects of your engagement with stress so you can digest better, sleep better and allow your body to really rest, relax, rejuvenate, regenerate, replenish and revitalize …) and re-establishes communication between all cells, organs endocrines and body parts. We are not applying anything, adding anything we are simply allowing the body to reinstate communication that went offline for a bit.

I love to give space to clients and watch their body’s take charge and create miracles so come on in and give yourself some much needed “RnR” book your appointment now. Each session is specific to your body’s direction and your body’s assessment of your priorities and needs. No two sessions are alike. I find this so fascinating because even if the symptoms seem the same the causes are so infinite.

Would you agree that people take better care of our cars than our bodies? We get our vehicles tuned up regularly but when was the last time you had your body in for a cleaning and check up ? You can trade your car in every few years … but you have to live with your body for the next 50 + years so it’s a good idea to have a regular BodyTalk Maintenance Sessions and Tune-ups too!? Special family pricing available . Call Jess to reduce your stress and optimize your health and quality of living.!

Upcoming events: Energ-eyes your vision Fundraiser Aug 26 1pm – 8 pm find out more and register here

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Need a reminder of how to do Cortices? Watch here.


·        The Bars – 32 points on the head to reduce limiting beliefs and reduce stress

·        Energetic Face lift

·        Immune Boosting sessions

·        MTVSS

·        Cellular Repair

·        Molecular de-manifestation for tumours cysts etc

·        Entity removal

·        Vision Correction


Still do:

·        Reiki

·        Ear candling

·        Myofascial releases

·        Lymphatic care

·        BodyTalk

·        TCM and more


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