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  • BodyTalk listed among top 9 therapies in Radical Remission

    radical remission bookWhoo hoo sooo exciting!! Everyday I am delighted at how my life's passion is being accepted and validated around the world. I was once a trailblazer, am I now mainstream? (If Body Talk and energy work are mainstream then I have completed my mission💖!)
    The latest evidence is that recently, I had several new clients contact me. They had all heard about BodyTalk from the same book by researcher and psychotherapist Kelly A. Turner. 
    "Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds"
    Turner specializes in integrative oncology. She holds a BA from Harvard Medical School and a PhD from UC Berkeley. Her PhD research focused on over 1,000 cases of radical remission worldwide that defied serious or terminal cancer and where the disease was completely reversed.
    Unexpectedly the chapter titled “Following Your Intuition” mentions BodyTalk, as does the chapter called “Releasing Suppressed Emotions” which suggests BodyTalk as one of the 9 possible “Action Steps” people took to survive cancer.
    Many of us who practice BodyTalk or my clients who have experienced sessions know that each body has the innate wisdom to know what it needs to heal. I always say Bodytalk is Healthcare Designed by Your Body from Soul to Cell. 
  • Do you feel stuck? Your back chakras are all about receiving ...

    chakras back of neckI know a lot of Reiki practitioners who are having the following issues in this new energy of 2021:

    • Unable to manifest their own goals, (but can help others manifest their goals)
    • Feel less or low energy flow (compared to previous years)
    • Feel tired or drained after a healing (used to feel recharged)
    • Feel less spiritually empowered (disconnected even)
    • Others demand too much of their time, energy, or money (oops boundaries being challenged)
    • Not feeling joy or satisfaction after healing others (hmm this is temporary)
    • Not doing professionally as well as they'd like (feeling stuck)
    • Stiff neck, aching back, shoulder spasms...

    If anything from the above list resonates, you could probably benefit from doing a bit of work on your Back Chakras.
    (And if your having trouble shifting this on your own, well... you know who to call)


    The last 2 years my sessions on clients are emphasizing and connecting the area behind the neck and occiput to our energy system, I always thought that was just the back of the throat chakra but it seems to be a separate chakra (new?) to realms of other dimensions and bringing in our dreams.
    The energy of 5D is requiring a different energy than 3D did. 5D is no longer a push or strive energy and that can feel unfamiliar. 5D is more about being present, allowing and receiving. As a culture we haven't had much practice in that.

    Your back chakras are your ability to receive, so lets take a look at that....

  • Heliodore is it a vitamin, a medication, a crystal, an essential oil?

    So excited. I just love getting parcels in the mail.
    Recently in one of my client's sessions the body wanted to come into aligned vibration with some "Heliodore" to calm her while she is entertaining negotiations to sell her business. (All of a sudden the Universe is teasing her while setting up some long overdo transitions for her and her egoic mind is freaking out).
    Heliodor? Is it a vitamin ? A crystal? A medication? An Essential Oil Blend?
    My crystal heliodore necklace
    Turns out it's a crystal, called the "Entrepreneurs stone!" Also called "The stone of the gods" and "The gateway to light".
    The warm yellow color of the stone has been said to enhance the wearer’s intuition and compassion. It can help us to break through to our own inner strength and make us feel responsible for our own lives, becoming knowledgeable about the laws of life. The stone can also help us develop maturity and rise to our potential greatness, allowing us to feel prepared for anything.
    I let her know where to get one and then bought one myself.
    Ive been collecting crystals since 1976, I grew up innercity, so collecting chunks of raw stones in my travels was like collecting treasure. (and it wasnt such a big usiness back then, I have some decent sized chunks of petrified wood that are the actual piece of tree trunk, amethyst too heavy for me to lift, and more...but I have never heard of Heliodore.)
    My Heliodore necklace arrived today and it's got my body vibrating!🎶
    My daughter also remarked she's vibrating just standing beside me😲 Powerful energy.
    I'm not one to wear big chunky stones, but this one is the size of a quarter and it feels like its not around my neck at all, my whole body tingles, the same way it does with Moldavite!
    Looking forward to a productive weekend.
    Read further to understand Helidore's vibrational attributes and why they call it the Entrepreneurs stone...
  • Reiki

    “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think it terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” ~ Nikola Telsa

    Reiki Energy a great way to Relax, Renew, & Recharge

    One of my favorite Reiki Mentors, John Crundall, said "You have skills and gifts beyond your wildest dreams… come on in, take a seat, or lie on a table and take the journey of Reiki. It is not a skill to be learned or taught, it is a journey of remembering. You already have within your being all that you ever need to weave a magical life. You simply need a place; a safe place that will draw out your natural talent; a space that will cause you to remember to lift and illuminate your true healing nature, and reveal to you your healed self; the magical being that you are.

    The Usui Reiki system of natural healing is a map that returns to you, your power of creativity and healing. It is a gateway to a multi-dimensional healing reality. Enjoy the journey."

    John founded the Toronto Reiki Centre forged from a dream his wife Denise had to maintain the original unadulterated lineage of Dr Usui, as brought to Australia in 1983 by Rev. Beth Gray, one of Hawayo Takata’s original students. John travels around the world teaching Reiki in Australia, California and other locations anually. He taught me the level 2 Reiki as a meditation and written healing practice deeper than just beaming energy that is popular today.

    We all have moments when we feel:
    • depleted, and burned out
    • overwhelmed
    • like we need a holiday,but didn't feel recharged on the one we  just had !
    • "at the end of our rope"
    • as though we've "had enough"
    • as if we're "running on empty"
    • we no longer have the energy to carry on, or give anymore.
    • I used to feel that way 25 years ago as a young single mum, surrounded by drama. Lets face it, our lives are so busy, so hectic, so full of distractions and multitasking we often forget to take time for ourselves. Or, we may never have really learned how.

    Now although drama still comes a callin' I get to be a center of peacefulness. Chaos has been reframed to just meaning 'endless possibilities', stress nolonger bothers me much.

    For me, learning Reiki is the next best thing to taking a vacation, and you never leave home without it, you can even take it on holiday or to the office with you! In fact, once you tune-in and develop this awareness you cannot loose it. Stress relief 24/7 no matter what is happening in your life. Like being in the eye of the storm, you are at peace while chaos is spinning around you.

    Do you wish you knew how to recharge? I've been channeling Reiki for over 20 years now, and I still love it. In fact I cannot imagine life without it. Being Attuned to Reiki gave me back my faith in God, a trust in humanity, a joy in living, and a curiousity to learn more.

    Reiki opened up a communication with my higher self and my soul, it allows me to expand out to this Universal Life force energy, and to unconditional love and healing. Being able to use Reiki daily has changed my health, my thoughts, my emotions, my perception of this world. It's so funny, shortly after recieving attunements I wondered how the "issues" I had been experiencing were perceived as issues at all, they dis-solved into nothing. Such RELIEF is difficult to describe in words, it can oly be experienced. Wouldn't you like to feel this way too?

    "We were all born with energy (ki).
    What we were not taught is how to replenish our energy.
    Once you know how the keys (ki) is yours for life!"~ Jessy Morrison

    Although occasional sessions are very relaxing and so beneficial; having regular and consistant sessions is cumulative and life changing. Learning Reiki for yourself is liberating, and you can keep at it daily for stress releif, ease of refreshing sleep, replenishing health, and deepening joy..and you can take it anywhere no luggage required!


    reiki workshop sunWorkshops to learn Reiki:

    Click on the links to see what makes these classes different.

    Level 1 - A Change for Life: "Feeling the Awareness", the wonder, the peace. Most people are amazed at the ability to RECEIVE this energy and channel it. This is a remembering of what you have forgotten, an opening to a connection of replenishing, healing, and relaxation most people find unfamiliar. The Level 1 Attunement is like cleaning off rust from the tuning fork you are.  It is like having 5 sessions in one day! Deeply relaxing and fun.

    Level 2 Beyond Time and Space:  In this level we give you three Usui symbols that are like keys (ki) to accelerate the change in your Life...Most people love level 2 more than Level 1. Beyond the basic  introduction to distance healing, I teach this class in a way that you can use the symbols to communicate with your higher self and integrate Intellect with Intuition for deeper Insight. I call this Level 2 Advanced "Soul to Cell" Tapping into deeper Intuition with Reiki 2.Like on off switches, the mind can "play" now too and work with you instead of sabotaging you. This second attunment is a further fine-tuning of your energy field and awareness. You will be amazed at the abilities you can develop here at a physical, mental, and soul level. Time and Distance are no barrier. Again this is like recieving 5 sessions in one day at a deeper level than before.

    Level 3 Gateway to Mastery: Now your journey begins, walk your talk, live in the flow. In this final attunement we give you the final Usui Symbol of wholeness, so you can attune yourself now daily and ease into the flow of unconditional love. We teach you how to do the Healing Attunement, and if you like... the next step to attuning others. Many people do not choose to teach, it is not everyones journey, however taking the last attunement is a completion of your own fine tuning.

    reiki lightbulbDid you know that you can have attunements of any level many times over? Dr. Usui attuned his deciples everytime they met. All though we call them certifications they are not an intellectual diploma of finality. Each attunement is a fine-tuning of your own individual energy circuitry. Similar to enhancing a 25 watt bulb to 40 watts to 60watts to 100watts to... a cell phone tower...to a satalite dish, to.... the possibilities are enedless....

    Having Reiki Attunements is can be compared to tuning a violin or piano, or to going to the dentist instead of just brushing your teeth - it is a form of Energetic Hygiene, a cleansing, clearing off the dust bunnies from our auric field. I would go so far as to say it is like restoring a priceless painting, it rejuvenates and renews on a celluar level too.

    You may already be aware that watching TV, reading, getting your hair or nails done does not recharge you. And you probably realize that doing so can stress you more, because your body doesn't know the difference between fantasy and reality. Hours of video games or TV crime dramas create more tension and stress you out and make you detach from your innate spirituality. So you are going to be amazed when you discover just how quickly reconnects you to your inherent natural energy. Reiki is the difference between being "nurtured" and being "pampered".

    Pampered is a temporary feel good, Nurtured lasts a lifetime. 

    Reiki lasts your lifetime and reconnects you to your inherent natural energy. Wouldn't you agree that modern man needs to manage stress in a new healthier way? When people like yourself learn the different levels of Reiki their entire family benefits. Wouldn't you like to learn how to Reiki yourself and your family? Even pets love Reiki healing.

    jessy-morrison-barrie-reikiWhat can Reiki do for you?

    • reduces stress and the feeling of overwhelm or dread
    • help you feel safe, soothed, supported
    • relieve ailments attributed to "stress" such as: headaches, backaches, chronic pain, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, poor digestion
    • give you a good night's sleep and greater sense of well-being
    • allow greater mental focus and clear-headedness
    • re-establish a stronger connection to the Divine Universal energy
    • release feelings of judgment & doubt, and develops a connection to a great fullness of unconditional love
    • gives you more energy, yet it's relaxed and calming
    • gently dissolve suppressed emotions and limiting beliefs
    • strengthens your immune system and promotes natural self healing
    • makes you feel good by putting you into Alpha brain waves.

    "Reiki is the Secret Art of Inviting Happiness.
    Miraculous medicine of all diseases."  

    ~ Dr. Mikao Usui

    What is Reiki?

    What is REIKI? A spiritual practice of tuning the human central nervous system into constant, ever present universal life force energy, in order to use it to connect to oneself and to others.

    Reiki is an invitation to deepen and explore your connection with divine energy. This Divine Universal energy is the life force in everything... grass, trees, oceans, clouds, animals, your soul... You are already connected to this loving energy and through Reiki you return to or deepen to that relationship. It enhances your intuition, it develops the communication between  the neurology of your body as the  bridge between spirit and mind.

    What does that mean for you? I wonder if you will be surprised to discover more energy, more clarity, more joy, more patience,more satisfaction...  a deeper sense of presence, and a knowing that no matter what, everything will be OK in your life, your business, your living , and improving your health. So when you take time to  RELAX you really feel PEACEFULNESS and HEALING. I'd  like you to have a new experience, in a way that meets your needs, giving yourself the opportunity to feel less pain, less fear, less anger, less ego, less struggle, less resistance and less dis-ease,so that   you can discover a greater understanding of "the infinite".

    for every soul we are one

    Would you like  to experience some Reiki Peacefulness? Book here to experience a private session

    or JOIN US for our NEXT WORKSHOPS. Delight in feeling connected to your own Spirit, Intuition and Higher Awarenesses.

    Sunday October 17th, 2021  is Level 1 Beginner Training  Details&DescriptionReserve your spot here

    Sunday October 24, 2021 is Level 2 Certification Click for description / Register Here

    Sunday Oct 31, 2021 is Level 3 Master Gateway More info here  /Reserve your spot here

    For more dates throughout the year click on the Time table link below.

    Reiki can be Startling! Revealing! and Fun!!!! Daily use of Reiki puts your power back in your own hands. Invite your kids, your spouse, your friends and take the class together. A unique bonding experience.

    Click here to see full 2021 timetable or see below

    And... YES THERE'S MORE! If you have already taken any level of Reiki Certification and are ready for deepening your adventure, volunteer to assist in workshops. Does that appeal to you? Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to see if it fits - class size etc are considerations.

    Reiki is the Japanese word for "universal life-force energy". It is a natural holistic, light-touch technique that re-establishes a normal flow of life-force energy throughout your body. Much like a switch that turns you on and keeps you bright and vibrant, this improved energy flow enhances and accelerates your body's natural healing ability.

    With a gentle placing of my hands on or over your body at strategic points, energy is drawn, redirected and given to help you re-balance and re-vitalize on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level . Reiki allows your brain waves to enter Alpha healing waves. This energy bonus allows your body to start healing itself on all cellular levels, bringing it into harmonious balance. Although soothing and peaceful, it is a powerful healing practice that you can also learn to do for yourself, on yourself, your family, your plants, your pets, your food, your life. (2015 Workshop schedule links below).

    Many clients say they often feel the energy as a warmth or gentle vibration moving though their body, others say "it's like coming home", "a feeling of safety", some feel a reconnection with their faith, some feel totally unconditional loved... everyone feels immense relaxation and calm.

    Reiki is becoming more common in hospitals in Toronto and around the world and is frequently used for chemo patients, as well as for pre/& post surgery. Like all energy work it requires no undressing and is great for people who cannot tolerate touch due to pain. Reiki is complimentary to all other therapies, medical treatments, medicines and dietary supplements that you are currently using. There are no contraindications. Reiki makes your body more responsive, increases your regenerative immune response and easily adaptable with no negative side-effects.


    Jessy says:"Reiki is my passion; it has changed my life and my family's life. It has also changed my appreciation and understanding of Life beyond all recognition. My wish is that every man, woman and child learn to harness this energy for and within themselves. I believe Reiki is our birthright! Yes, YOU CAN learn to reconnect to this healing energy for mood enhancement, health improvement, expanding meditation practices, and overall well being."

    reiki classFollow these links to read about Reiki Workshops here:

    Level 1 A Change for Life: Feeling the Awareness

    Level 2 Beyond Time and Space: The keys to accelerate the change in your Life...Basic Level 2, an introduction to distance healing

    Level 2 Advanced "Soul to Cell" Tapping into deeper Intuition with Reiki 2

    Level 3 Gateway to Mastery:now your journey begins, walk your talk

     "We were all born with energy (ki).
    What we were not taught was how to replenish our energy.
    Once you know how, the (ki) key is yours for life!

    It is your birthright to be happy, healthy and whole"    ~ Jessy Morrison

    Please note: Reiki is not a religion. This life force energy is the source of Life itself. It has been used by practitioners of Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Shintoism, Hinduism and Islam, and more all around the world. It is a Spiritual Practice that compliments any faith as a hands-on healing practice. Rest assured, Reiki does not interfere with any religious beliefs. God does not mean for us to suffer, and God did not invent inferior beings nor junk. It is your birth right to be healthy and happy and whole.

  • Reiki Level 1


    Reiki Level 1 Workshop: "A Change For life - Remembering from Soul to Cell"

    Jessy Morrison, Reiki Master is thrilled that Reiki is finally getting the attention it deserves. Jan. 6, 2010 Dr. Oz declared Reiki as his #1 Alternative Medicine Secret during his nationally broadcast afternoon talk show.

     If Dr. Mehmet Oz is talking about Reiki, all of North America is talking about it and looking for ways to learn about it. Now you can to.

    What if this is the next step you are looking for? Is being truly healthy, and more in-tune with your Higher Self  and your intuition at the top of your priority list? Then learning Reiki is the perfect next step to take for regaining this integrity and balance in ones health and well-being. It's a little unconventional, but we like that. Be ready to be amazed at your own natural intuitive abilities!!!  Are you ready?


    reiki workshop sunNext Level 1 Class:

    OCt 17, 2021

    11 AM - 5PM Cost $325+HST

    Only 6 seats available.Reiki is a key (ki) to 5D. The world is awakening, don't be left asleep. Advance Registration Required Register Here

    Facebook link here


     For more info on Level 2  click here  

    For more info on Level 3  Mastery click here


    Learning the basics of energy healing and how to create a soul-to-soul connection with others may be the single best gift you can give yourself or your loved ones, whether they walk on two legs or four, swim or fly. The ability to facilitate Reiki is the gift that keeps on giving, it is easy to learn, and offers a lifetime of benefits. Imagine being able to accelerate healing when sick, being able to relieve the pain of an injury, heal feelings of anger, fear, grief, or decrease discomfort after surgery! Classes are taught by Jessy Morrison Reiki Master Teacher, Body Talk Practitioner.

    Reiki Level 1 Class Description

    • Attunement that enables you to enjoy Reiki for a lifetime of benefit
    • Fine-tuning of your own energic frequency to receive the Universal healing energy continuously
    • Like having 5 sessions in 1 day!
    • Hands-on training and time to practice on others to perfect the skill of channeling energy through yourself not of nor from you — making this form of healing a safe and energizing one.
    • recounting of endless possibilities... stories about Reiki for animals and people
    • Steps on how to utilize the benefits of Reiki for yourself
    • Guidance on how to offer Reiki for family and others in daily life or emergency situations
    • Basic energy healing techniques for personal protection, and self-care
    • Series of practical exercises designed to help you develop your confidence and intuitive awareness
    • Class booklet for easy guidance and recall after class
    • Reiki Level I Certificate upon completion that is suitable for framing

    On going support available after workshop includes:

    • Daily emailed Reiki support and chakra information during your 21 day cleans
    • Invitation to join the free, private online resource for articles or news about Reiki, answers to questions, and place to connect with other Reiki practitioners for practice
    • Option to sign up for the Reiki Review & Advanced Skills Classes, open to all levels of Reiki students for accelerated learning

    Learn in a day use for a lifetime!  Your Investment is only $325 +HST payable by Cash, email transfer or Credit Card. Minimum$50 deposit required to reserve your spot in the training, remainder due day of workshop. Reserve your spot here


    reiki Self-Reiki-Badge

    Reiki restores the balance between the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental levels for all living beings, enabling the body to do what it does best, heal itself. It can also affect reconnection between spiritual and the universe around us. If you thought animals liked you before wait 'til you experience their response to Reiki!

    Reiki training offers important benefits for both self-healing and healing for people, animals, trees and plants. My kids say it even makes their water taste better.

    Reiki is easy to learn, and one can enjoy a lifetime of benefits from the training. Classes are limited to a maximum of 10 students for more individualized attention, and are offered Saturdays or Sundays to hopefully fit anyone's schedule.


    "Amazing Experience!"

    "I just finished the Reiki Level I class with Jessy, it was incredible. I feel so alive, the energy is definitely flowing.

    I had called a couple of Reiki masters but when I spoke with Jessy I knew right away she was "my" teacher and it truly was the right choice for me."

    —Mary K. Barrie On

    "I Can't Wait to Learn More"

    "I wanted to share with you the wonderful Reiki experience I had. My confidence level was pretty timid as this was my very first solo session. I was excited, but also apprehensive as this particular family member was not into anything that's not "mainstream" or normal., but she was feeling so poorly she were willing to try anything, so I thought Reiki might help.

    "I lit a candle, put on a CD (to relax me) and began. By the time I was at her heart chakra she fell into a deep state of relaxation and so was I thinking I might be doing it right. When I finished she said, "That was sooooo relaxing, you can practice on me anytime." My heart burst I was so happy. It makes practicing on myself more fun too.


    dr oz


    Jan. 6, 2010 Dr. Oz Declares Reiki His #1 Alternative Medicine Secret during his nationally broadcast afternoon talk show.

    Dr. Oz said, "My wife has been a Reiki Master for 14 years, Reiki is my family's number #1 choice in our medicine cabinet, we've been using it for years in the Oz family, and we swear by it."

    Before his popularity as a TV personality through his five-year association with Oprah,

    Dr. Oz incorporated Reiki into his open-heart surgeries through the assistance of Reiki Master Pamela Miles. On the show, Miles spoke about the benefits of Reiki and offered a demonstration to an audience member who had a headache, which quickly disappeared.

    Reiki is a non-invasive form of energy medicine that balances the body, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, enabling the body to do what it does best — heal itself. Reiki assists in accelerating healing from injury/illness, promotes relaxation and stress reduction, reduces or eliminates pain. Reiki strengthens the immune system, assists in clearing emotional or physical trauma, and offers quality of life support for those who are aging or in hospice care. Knowing Reiki is like having your own personal healing kit at your fingertips.

    Taking a Reiki class offers people greater personal control over their own health and healing. They can also use it to help others in their family, including their pets. Reiki is offered as a complementary modality in many Canadian hospitals, as well as hospices worldwide. Join the ranks of the many thousands of Reiki practitioners in Canada, the U.S. and the millions around the world.

    You can do it too!


    Reiki Level I Class:

    A Change for Life, Feeling the Awareness

    Cost: $325+HST
    Date:Sunday Sept 12, 2021 11AM - 5 or 6 PM

    Register here


    (*Must register in advance with deposit to reserve your spot).


    Private Classes also arranged for groups of 4+ at a location of your choice. Call to set up details. 705-241-8680

    Reiki Level II:
    Beyond Time and Space ~ Accelerate the Change in your Life...Basic and Advanced 'Soul to Cell'

    Cost $475+HST

    Date: SundaySept 19,2021

    Only 6 spots available therefore Preregistration is Required, Reserve your spot here

    (*Must register in advance with deposit to reserve your spot).

    Private Classes also arranged for groups of 4+ at a location of your choice. Call to set up details. 705-241-8680



    Reiki Level III:
    Mastery. Now your journey begins, Enjoy Be-ing Reiki

    Date: Sunday September 26, 2021

    Morning R3 Attunement only $688 +HST

    Afternoon Apprenticeship - learning to give attunements $200+HST

    Full Day Teachers training $888 +HST                                        


    (Note: Private trainings for Level 3 can be arranged on an individual basis.)

    Local   Reiki Practice Group "Shares":  Local Barrie Shares are currently being held by:

     Darlene Hintzen

    Call Darlene Hintzen  at Positive Pathways for her Reiki Shares 705-790-4074

    Janine Hutchinson  Once a month on a Monday evening 6:45-8:30pm   Call Janine for dates: 705-321-7109


    OTHER  WORKSHOPS: (due to Covid Quarantine all At Home In Your Own Body Workshops will be live on zoom)

     WEDNESDAY NIGHT TUNE-UPS by monthly subscription $49/ session ($250/month) recordings supplied

    TRANSFORMATIONAL TUESDAYS half Day Workshops and Group Helaings $$250/ea Jan 10, Feb 14, March 14, April 11, may 16, June 13, July 11, Sept 12, Oct 17,  Nov 14 more details here

  • Reiki Level 2

    Reiki Level 2

    Jessy Morrison, Reiki Master is thrilled that Reiki is finally getting the attention it deserves.

    If Dr. Mehmet Oz is talking about Reiki, all of North America is talking about it and looking for ways to learn about it. If health is at the top of your priority list, then learning Reiki is a great next step to take for regaining your health and well being.

    We used to say "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away". I find Reiki a day keeps the doctors way.

    My mother is a living example of that! At 70 her doctor warned me she wouldnt live throught the year, her arthritis, angina, psoriasis, were so advanced she couldnt get out of bed anymore. I moved her to my home figuring it would be a year of hospice care and .... 23 years later she is medicine free, no traces of any prior illnesses! Reiki 2 took care of the stuck emotions resentments and fears that were locking up her energy!!!


    reiki level 2Continue the Change for Life... Being attuned to the next level of Reiki is so much more fun!

    Reiki Level 2 Basic: Beyond Time and Space from Soul to Cell


    You have your basic Reiki tool kit, and you have been making it your daily practice to use Reiki on everything right, so now you are ready to accelerate the Change in your Life...and communicate from your soul to all your cells!  (Level 2 see below)

    Warning! You're about to have a life-altering experience. A meeting of souls.Perhaps you will take a special kind of enjoyment in your powerful and rewarding way of connecting to your true self? How? Read on...


    reiki workshop sun


    Next Level 2 Advanced Class "Learning New Key's (Ki)"

    Sunday OCt 24, 2021  11AM - 6PM   

     Investment $475 +HST Preregistration required. Reserve your spot here.


    Have you completed Level 2 basic? I  wonder if you'd be surprised to discover that you could blend your intellect with intuition and go beyond just beaming energy to actually articulating what you are "reading" in the energy. Read more on Reiki 2 Advanced below. Or check out Gateway to Mastery Reiki Level 3 here

    Do you have a group of friends that wish to learn Reiki together? Book your own date & location with family members/friends according to your own schedule.   

    Minimum of 4 persons required to play with energy. Call for more info 705-241-8680 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    apple globe

    The Reiki Way keeps the doctor away. You've added Reiki to your tool bag, and have been practicing the basics of receiving energy healing and how to create a soul-to-soul connection with animals, friends and others.

    Now you are being equipped to increase your vibration further and amplify the energy you are able to heal with. So, would you be willing to experience more in Level 2 ? There are two parts: Morning intro to three basic USUI Symbols "KEYS"  & Afternoon "Advanced" Soul to Cell. Actually establishing a dialogue with the Higher self for messages in conscious receiving!


    Reiki Level 2 Basic: Beyond Time & Space Workshop Description

    reiki class trainReiki Level II encompasses:

    • Symbols to enhance distance healing (being able to send healing energy for the highest good) to a person, animal, place, or situation in the past present or future (think of the possibilities)
    • the ability to cleanse a space or your own personal energy field
    • an increase in the ability to facilitate emotional/spiritual healing as well as a widening and deepening of your energy channels
    • an opportunity to increase the benefit of your own personal healing
    • being able to accelerate healing when sick, being able to relieve the pain of an injury, heal feelings of anger, fear, grief, or decrease discomfort after surgery

    Classes are taught by Jessy Morrison Reiki Master Teacher, Body Talk Practitioner.
    Class size is limited to 10 students so that you receive more individual attention

    Students receive:

    • a booklet of written support materials
    • Reiki Level II Certificate suitable for framing
    • support for questions at any time after class is completed
    • as well as 21 daily emailed attunment tidbits to deepen your understanding and  integration of Reiki Energy.

    Investment $475 + HST payable by Cash, Credit cards, paypal, or email transfer

    "Well Worth the Drive to Barrie!"

    "I took Reiki Level I from Jessy in 2005 but made the mistake of taking a Reiki Level II from another master because they were closer to home, but it just didn't resonate. I am so glad I came up to Jessy for her Reiki Level II class. She provided a safe environment for everyone in the class to share their own personal experiences as well as sharing her own. The class was easy to follow and practical. She covered everyday uses for using Reiki that I would never have thought about before the class. I so appreciated the practice time she scheduled into the class." C.F.


    Jessy Morrison Talks "Tapping into Intuition with Reiki 2 Advanced Class"

    reiki class 4I'm often asked, "How can I develop my intuition?"

    First, your right brain is already directly connected to all of the information in the universe. Everything you want to know exists inside you! The trick is being able to access what you already know. Reiki does that for us.

    Why are some people more intuitive than others? We all have a filtering mechanism that keeps the information in our subconscious from flooding our conscious mind. It's hard enough to keep track of the things you need to know (if you could hear everyone else's thoughts, you'd be simply overwhelmed). I teach people how to get useful information from the universe's infinite reservoir (of information) while still filtering out the 'noise.' Having a good protocol of questions is useful. But the quality of your answers is still subject to the limitations of your thinking mind.

    Training the Left Brain to say "I Can": Your left brain generates doubt. It's also the part of the brain that was trained in school. It 'knows' that your senses only extend so far: you believe you can't see around corners, you believe you can't hear through a thick wall, etc. Your left brain "knows" thousands of reasons why you can't be intuitive and will try to trip you up.

    Drawing from Jessy's Experience: Learning Reiki 2 fourteen years ago taught me to tune in at a distance and to send Reiki energy healing to others around the world. It taught me mantras and symbols to get my mind out of my own way and into the Alpha healing state. After studying BodyTalk with Dr Kaiimi Popovich and following his research with the Center for Biofield Research in India, as well as integrating courses taught by John Crundell and Loesje Jacobs, I learned how to send out Reiki healing and report the feedback of information your patient needs to know while they receive this healing energy. The result: it's amazingly accurate, and  profoundly healing.

    Why Advanced Reiki 2: One of the reasons I teach Advanced Reiki 2 is that it has a useful way of asking questions that lead to useful answers. One session at a time, this helps prove that your consciousness is connected to a universal consciousness. I found that Reiki 2, as taught in Canada, does not always appeal to our logical left brain trained mind. My student's conscious mind often got in the way. With this Advanced Level 2 class, your mind may still doubt, but over time the evidence accumulates that you are getting answers and results that your left brain could not have acquired on its own. You and your clients will be amazed at the depth of healing. And, we learn the simple truth: we are connected to All That Is.

    Relax, Let Your Intuition Open Up: The real answer to developing your intuition is to relax; to allow; to trust, and use it daily. Incorporate Reiki into every moment, task and breath. You are already connected to universal knowledge and All That Is. Your conscious mind can't perceive that connection so I teach people how to give it something to do, like following a protocol. This allows your right brain to prove that you've always been intuitive. After all, it is when the left and  right lobes of the brain work together that we are in perfect balance!

    reiki class with certs


    Invitation to All Attuned Reiki 2's and Masters: Please come as a volunteer to apply Reiki to the new initiates as they listen and learn. You are welcome to stay for the advanced class as well, for an energy donation of your choice.

    For More Information Contact: Jessy Morrison, 705 241-8680 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



    "Dear Jessy, I wanted to write you a note and tell you about how wonderful it was to re-attune for Reiki 2 again.
    When I took the course the first time, I loved it, but didn't feel the power all of the time. Because I wasn't sure it was "working" all of the time, I used it less and less.
    After the second Level 2 Attunement, I feel like I can't turn it off!! I heard music that moved me and my hands tingled, I treated my Mom and she felt heat in the wrist that was broken 30 years ago....
    Yes, the more I use it, the more it works!
    For me I really, really needed the class the second time around, sometimes I need to hear things more than once! It might have been where my brain was the first time I took the class, or how much I have evolved since that first class, who knows. All I now know is that I am having so much fun with my new "powers".
    Thank you again,Jan Freethy"


    Prerequisite for Reiki 2 is Reiki Level 1Attunement and practice

    Prerequisite for Day 2: Reiki Level 2: Attunement and practice

    teddybearBe sure to bring:

    • a pillow or teddy bear to work with
    • a portrait photo (4x6 or larger) of yourself, preferably with eyes clear and facing camera
    • any item of jewelry, etc. you wish infused with Reiki energy
    • an open mind, you are only limited by your false beliefs

    Review your hand positions! Jessy will send photos if you need study material.

    Gateway to Mastery Level 3 Information

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    hello summer


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    2). Soul Profile and Karmic clearing. $375 for reading and clearing plus recording. or July and August only - No charge for Personal PDF background Value $125.

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     Harmonize your body and mind to resonate together like a symphony.

    Did you know that the sound of your voice travels in sound waves in and around all the cells in your body, when you chant you are unlocking energy blockages and dis-ease that is perpetuating a disharmony within all your cells.

    Sound therapy works at a cellular level...

  • Spring Equinox Special- Reiki 2 for you?


    Spring is here! Just the idea of warm weather is enough to put a smile on our faces.
    Goodbye, snow! It's time for you to go, so we can start to thaw out. The energy has shifted and  it's time to start fresh and clean up (and I don't just mean your house)!

    Maybe it's time to polish off your professional life, or refresh some distorted old relationship memories, re-evaluate priorities, add your latest accomplishments to your resume, or update your closet . The new moon on Friday helped us move forward into our dreams and wishes.

    Just like your body needs refreshing so does your energy. If the spring equinox and eclipse didn't infuse you with enough energy, or you are needing some clarity, or  motivation,

  • The Universe never gives you more than you can handle, right

    I am laughing right now, because last month I was using "What else is possible?!! How can it get any better than this?" a lot. Chaotic misfirings of energy abounded...or perhaps it was just the dismantleing of old energy causing everything to need upgrading and replaced with the new?
    what if these trying times are what is requiredIn June & July Life got to be vvverrry interesting, my head brain kept wanting to get upset about some weird energetic upgrades, but it was trying to get upset that I wasn't upsetting (is that even a verb). So funny that I could not find the energy of “upset or fear” it was just a foreign concept to me now. I was only in a constant frequency of Curiosity and Trust.
    And I have to admit that can seem a little unnerving sometimes too, even for me! We humans have been programmed to look for fear and dire consequences. "What else can go wrong?" conditioning.
    What was going on around me? I can count 10 immediate "upgrades".
    Let me tell you in case you were experiencing something similar as we navigated the new energetic frequencies on this planet:
    1. My toaster stopped working
    2. the rice-maker followed
    3. the teakettle too (no I hadn't bought them all at the same time
    4. my hairdryer died as well (actually it decided to catch fire and melt in my hand to make a point! A little dramatic but it was at least 7-10 years old and taped together
    5. the furnace decided to call it quits too (Fantastic finally an excuse to upgrade and get AC) I had to do a lot of clearing to call around. My head wanted to go into “Ugh $10K screech” 
    but my body said “It’s OK the money will come, breathe we can do this”. You are not alone, you are supported.
    Everything happens FOR YOU.
    It was at about this time I decided I needed a deep energetic house clearing, and...