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    hello summer


    Hello Summer, Hello a time for Renewal!

    A perfect time for the family to come in together for Energetic tune-ups to stay on top of their game and enjoy this season to its fullest. Also a great time to buy our your Family Tune-up Packages for 2017 as prices increase September 9th.

    Conditions: Must pay for order before July 30th, and use one session before Aug 30th 2017. Use the remainder as your body dictates.




     Five  July Specials Custom Made for you:

     summer special offers1). Family Pack: $750. Save $500! Buying in Packages reduces your hourly rate from $250 to $175/hour. Can be used on Body Talk, EFT, PSych-K, Bars to help you Reclaim your Body (Remove Allergies/ Fears/ Anxiety, etc).  No limit to number of packages assigned per household. Great for summer injuries and concussions too.

    2). Soul Profile and Karmic clearing. $375 for reading and clearing plus recording. or July and August only - No charge for Personal PDF background Value $125.

    3). Vision Correction Series buy 12 hour pack for $1200  and get 3 FREE 1/2 hour sessions to give away or use on yourself.

    4.) NEW Sound Healing 30 minute personalized Tune-up - from Body Talk 3 Brains and the Soul. Single session with Mp3 recording of your own chants

     Harmonize your body and mind to resonate together like a symphony.

    Did you know that the sound of your voice travels in sound waves in and around all the cells in your body, when you chant you are unlocking energy blockages and dis-ease that is perpetuating a disharmony within all your cells.

    Sound therapy works at a cellular level...

  • Transformational Tuesdays

    Transformational Tuesdays

    TT 5 May I canJoin Jessy & Laura Morrison as they teach you to use 3 Simple but Powerful NEW Tools to Transform Self-Sabotage into Being Motivated!

    What if every time you said “I can’t...” you were in denial of what and who you truly BE?

    “What if... ? “ questions can stop us dead in our tracks if we use them as worst case scenarios.

    Have you noticed that self-sabotage is holding you back from achieving your goals? Self Sabotage can also cause illness and pain. 

    Are you ready to find a way to stop being your own worst enemy?

    Are you ready to bring an end to this cycle of negativity – IS now the time to Embrace the Possibility of even more Success?

    This Transformational Tuesday Workshop and Group Healing will help you get out of your own way and embrace the possibility of success so you can experience more accomplishments, victories and triumphs in life!

    Join us as we reprogram your mind, help you shift your perspective to allow you to rediscover what you want to achieve in life.

    You’ll be filled with positive energy, able to pursue success openly and bravely, knowing that although it may not always unfold as you think it will happen, it can actually turn out better!!

    Come and play at Transformational Tuesdays, bring an open mind, relax, listen, and to learn Easy but profound steps to:
    • Stop undermining your own efforts and start enjoying living fully
    • Shift your energy to build on success, instead of breaking it back down
    • Be motivated to take advantage of every positive opportunity you’re given
    Mark this in your daytimer and register today for this Group healing /workshop.


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  • Using theTemporal Tap to shift you out of Overwelm

    Are you looking for ways to shift into more prosperity, less fear and worry, overcome overwhelm, and step out of self sabotage?

    EFT temporal tap 1The "Temporal Tap" is an energy technique that is enormously effective in breaking old habits, attitudes, and emotional responses, and establishing new ones. I first learned it in 1997 when Energy Balancing by Donna Eden, and then was introduced to EFT by Gary Craig.


    EFT and Reiki were just coming on the scene back then, and were far from mainstream, and they were bending my skeptical pharmaceutically trained mind. If I hadn’t seen results immediately with my entire family I would have dismissed it, but the transformations made me even more curious to learn more modalities on my journey. I was reintroduced to the Temporal Tap in 2014 when I learned Tong Ren Tapping on Acupuncture points, and then again in 2016 when I learned QCP & New Descision Therapy. It is a valuable and important part of reducung stress and manifesting change.

    Can you believe that by simply tapping around the top of the ear you have a simple, direct, and powerful tool that makes the brain more receptive to learning new habits and instilling new attitudes! YOU DONT HAVE TO BELIEVE IT, YOU JUST HAVE TO DO IT.