headache relief

  • Best made sock on planet earth! Have you been Voxxed yet?

    One of my clients commented that these socks are "Strangely Magical", she has MS.

    Truly this is so weird. I usually hate socks. I have always preferred being barefoot, even in winter. Not anymore!!!

    These are in fact the first socks I have ever found to be comfortable, they have arch support that divinely cradles my foot, and they hug my ankles in a comforting way that is made to relieve plantar fasciitis pain. And I'm not getting that irritating cracked dry heels other sock give me.

    magical soxBut that is not all...

    My clients report they feel more grounded, stronger, more balanced, stability is enhanced...

    One of my clients with MS  says "they are strangely magical".


    Another of my MS clients is now working for the first time in 5 years!!


    An elderly client can now write

  • Headache today?

    • headachesThere are so many different reasons for a headache:
      Could be neck tension.
    • Could be sinus congestion
      Could be blood flow to eyes, Hypertension or Low BP,
      Could be a calcium deficiency or inability to absorb calcium,
      Could be a magnesium deficiency
      Could be lack of Vitamin D to assimilate minerals
      Could be lack of zinc, or essential fatty acids,
      Could be dehydration, needing more water
      or body needing food, hunger, sugar imbalance,
    • could be over-stimulation of senses, allergies,  lack of sleep,  overexertion, could be poor posture, or sedentary lifestyle, eye strain, too much computer time,
      Could even be an unconscious strategy, a chance to check out and have people leave you alone....

    Doctors say there are over 600 types of headaches...