• What is Axiatonal Alignment? How can that help you?

    Feeling “Ungrounded”, “ Out of sorts” or “Not yourself lately”?

    After car accident, a slip and almost fall, broken toes or limbs, whiplash, or any other physical or emotional abuse we often need to be reconnected to the earth’s support for healing.

    Axiatonal Alignment is a sweet and relaxing re-connection to the earth's ley lines and sacred sites. A way of re-establishing grounding, and the ability to draw on the earth’s healing energy matrix and expand your health and peace of mind. (Definitely one of my favorite ways to recharge).

    Why is Assemblage point repair with Axiatonal Alignment important to you?

    When we are healthy our thymus keeps the flow of life force energy strong and circulating throughout the entire body.


    The communication between all energy channels, organs, endocrines, nerve supply is open, strong, and full of vitality.


    The “Assemblage point” is centered in the thymus area radiating this healthy energy throughout the entire body and auric fields. Unfortunately when we sustain an injury or shock the positioning of the Assemblage point may shift causing disfunction that will cause further illness and dispair unless corrected.