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  • BodyTalk listed among top 9 therapies in Radical Remission

    radical remission bookWhoo hoo sooo exciting!! Everyday I am delighted at how my life's passion is being accepted and validated around the world. I was once a trailblazer, am I now mainstream? (If Body Talk and energy work are mainstream then I have completed my missionđź’–!)
    The latest evidence is that recently, I had several new clients contact me. They had all heard about BodyTalk from the same book by researcher and psychotherapist Kelly A. Turner. 
    "Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds"
    Turner specializes in integrative oncology. She holds a BA from Harvard Medical School and a PhD from UC Berkeley. Her PhD research focused on over 1,000 cases of radical remission worldwide that defied serious or terminal cancer and where the disease was completely reversed.
    Unexpectedly the chapter titled “Following Your Intuition” mentions BodyTalk, as does the chapter called “Releasing Suppressed Emotions” which suggests BodyTalk as one of the 9 possible “Action Steps” people took to survive cancer.
    Many of us who practice BodyTalk or my clients who have experienced sessions know that each body has the innate wisdom to know what it needs to heal. I always say Bodytalk is Healthcare Designed by Your Body from Soul to Cell.