Sedona Method

  • Easy way to release stuck emotions at the root of your pain

    pain hunched overA profound method I have found faster than EFT, and simpler than Body Talk is what I call the Release Technique. Quite literally inviting the body to release the sensations screaming for your attention, now that you are listening. Of course it is easier in a private one-to-one session  either in person or by skype to help lead you thru the process, but here is the gist of it, so add it to your tool box.

    I used to think if I helped people eliminate their pain they would pursue enlightenment. But, I have found the opposite to be true, when we find enlightenment that is when our pain and drama disappears permanently.

    PAIN means Pay Attention Inwards Now.

    This technique is going to invite your body to release the energy you are holding on to, what are you hiding from yourself, where are you stuck in denial of your own magnificence. The cool thing is its almost instantaneous if the proper conditions have been met. When your body feels safe, in control, and loved it will let go of what no longer serves you, and take care of you, that's what its job is. Afterall it locked up these energies to be worked on later when you were no longer in stress, so now's the time. Let go of the stress, here's how.

  • Transformational Tuesdays

    Transformational Tuesdays

    TT 5 May I canJoin Jessy & Laura Morrison as they teach you to use 3 Simple but Powerful NEW Tools to Transform Self-Sabotage into Being Motivated!

    What if every time you said “I can’t...” you were in denial of what and who you truly BE?

    “What if... ? “ questions can stop us dead in our tracks if we use them as worst case scenarios.

    Have you noticed that self-sabotage is holding you back from achieving your goals? Self Sabotage can also cause illness and pain. 

    Are you ready to find a way to stop being your own worst enemy?

    Are you ready to bring an end to this cycle of negativity – IS now the time to Embrace the Possibility of even more Success?

    This Transformational Tuesday Workshop and Group Healing will help you get out of your own way and embrace the possibility of success so you can experience more accomplishments, victories and triumphs in life!

    Join us as we reprogram your mind, help you shift your perspective to allow you to rediscover what you want to achieve in life.

    You’ll be filled with positive energy, able to pursue success openly and bravely, knowing that although it may not always unfold as you think it will happen, it can actually turn out better!!

    Come and play at Transformational Tuesdays, bring an open mind, relax, listen, and to learn Easy but profound steps to:
    • Stop undermining your own efforts and start enjoying living fully
    • Shift your energy to build on success, instead of breaking it back down
    • Be motivated to take advantage of every positive opportunity you’re given
    Mark this in your daytimer and register today for this Group healing /workshop.


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