• Do you feel stuck? Your back chakras are all about receiving ...

    chakras back of neckI know a lot of Reiki practitioners who are having the following issues in this new energy of 2021:

    • Unable to manifest their own goals, (but can help others manifest their goals)
    • Feel less or low energy flow (compared to previous years)
    • Feel tired or drained after a healing (used to feel recharged)
    • Feel less spiritually empowered (disconnected even)
    • Others demand too much of their time, energy, or money (oops boundaries being challenged)
    • Not feeling joy or satisfaction after healing others (hmm this is temporary)
    • Not doing professionally as well as they'd like (feeling stuck)
    • Stiff neck, aching back, shoulder spasms...

    If anything from the above list resonates, you could probably benefit from doing a bit of work on your Back Chakras.
    (And if your having trouble shifting this on your own, well... you know who to call)


    The last 2 years my sessions on clients are emphasizing and connecting the area behind the neck and occiput to our energy system, I always thought that was just the back of the throat chakra but it seems to be a separate chakra (new?) to realms of other dimensions and bringing in our dreams.
    The energy of 5D is requiring a different energy than 3D did. 5D is no longer a push or strive energy and that can feel unfamiliar. 5D is more about being present, allowing and receiving. As a culture we haven't had much practice in that.

    Your back chakras are your ability to receive, so lets take a look at that....