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  • Heliodore is it a vitamin, a medication, a crystal, an essential oil?

    So excited. I just love getting parcels in the mail.
    Recently in one of my client's sessions the body wanted to come into aligned vibration with some "Heliodore" to calm her while she is entertaining negotiations to sell her business. (All of a sudden the Universe is teasing her while setting up some long overdo transitions for her and her egoic mind is freaking out).
    Heliodor? Is it a vitamin ? A crystal? A medication? An Essential Oil Blend?
    My crystal heliodore necklace
    Turns out it's a crystal, called the "Entrepreneurs stone!" Also called "The stone of the gods" and "The gateway to light".
    The warm yellow color of the stone has been said to enhance the wearer’s intuition and compassion. It can help us to break through to our own inner strength and make us feel responsible for our own lives, becoming knowledgeable about the laws of life. The stone can also help us develop maturity and rise to our potential greatness, allowing us to feel prepared for anything.
    I let her know where to get one and then bought one myself.
    Ive been collecting crystals since 1976, I grew up innercity, so collecting chunks of raw stones in my travels was like collecting treasure. (and it wasnt such a big usiness back then, I have some decent sized chunks of petrified wood that are the actual piece of tree trunk, amethyst too heavy for me to lift, and more...but I have never heard of Heliodore.)
    My Heliodore necklace arrived today and it's got my body vibrating!🎶
    My daughter also remarked she's vibrating just standing beside me😲 Powerful energy.
    I'm not one to wear big chunky stones, but this one is the size of a quarter and it feels like its not around my neck at all, my whole body tingles, the same way it does with Moldavite!
    Looking forward to a productive weekend.
    Read further to understand Helidore's vibrational attributes and why they call it the Entrepreneurs stone...
  • What is BodyTalk - A Health Care System Designed by Your Body, or a Down to Earth Intuitive Training and Spiritual Development?

    Truth is Body TalkTM is both!A Health Care System Designed by Your Body, AND a Down to Earth Intuitive Training and Spiritual Development! pain hidden emotions

    A pain reliever, and an eliminator of disease. A way to calm the mind and eliminate fears, phobias, trauma, and stress therby enabling the innate healing ability of your body to take over.

    An integration of all the medical models from around the world, including Reiki, Quantum healing, NAET, BIE, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Eastern Medicine, Consciousness work, Epiginetic’s, Tensegrity theory, chiropractic, to alleviate pain, and a side effect of this is becoming happier, at ease, more conscious and aware of your spiritual truths and values. 

    It's as much or as little as you want it to be, as much or as little as the individual practitioner’s trainings allow it to be, and as much or as little as the client is ready to allow and shift. The big difference with Body Talk is, we ask the “Expert” -  YOU/Your Innate and Unconscious mind.

    We do not guess, prescribe, or diagnose, we simply follow the links your body asks us to repair, form, or dissociate from. Each session builds on the last, and does whatever your body demands of it. Your cellular memory knows what and where the imbalance or stressor was created.

    When I started Body Talk in 2006 it was