Transformational Tuesday – Align your goals with your Soul

jessy dont downgrade your goals

<<You are already the enlightenment you are seeking. >> Then why are you not there yet?

January is usually the time to access if our goals are actually on track, in line, in tune, and fine tuned authentically to your Soul’s Path and Divine Mission.

The “Transform your fear and get in gear” is a great workshop to replenish your energetic cup and step into inspiration instead of shoulds and must do’s set by your head instead of your heart.

The fact is, we’ve been taught to determine goals with our head, but willpower and thinking alone do not gather the energy to achieve.

You need more than mind set, (you’ve got that!) – more than time management, (you’ve already tried that!) – more than persistent drive or willpower! (that just leads to burnout and not enjoying or savouring your hard earned success) – and surprisingly against conventional beliefs – you do not need sacrifice your family life, health or relationships either! If those beliefs are undermining your zest to achieve, unconscious resistance will set in and you wont be able to attain your goal without sabotage.

This January workshop will help you to clear away any unconscious attachments & aversions to attaining your goals, and free up the steps to your success.

Laura and I will be assisting the Transformational Tuesday tribe to realign their  2019 goals and find out what fears are  derailing them …

– We will explore what “aversions” or what “attachments” we have to attaining that goal and clear them.

– We will help you release what hidden “disadvantages or catastrophes” your unconscious mind thinks achieving that goal will bring you.

– You will also discover which goals are dictated by your head and which are authentically inspired by our heart.

~ any doubt as to which ones most often succeed? ~

and best of all, you can learn all this in a day and use for a lifetime!!

It’s easier than you think, you just didn’t know you had to do it.


Come learn how to energetically align to ensure your Unconscious mind and Conscious mind are on the same track as a team working with you, not against you.

This is the workshop everyone needs to attend. No matter how much you advertise, network, or promote your unconscious mind will sabotage you if you are not in energetic alignment..

Join us to refresh your goals and find out to what extent you have an abundance mindset/a lack mindset/ or are just stuck … and lets shift that.

A gentle and fun introduction into using energy work to enhance your business, health, relationships, and finances.
Get confident with your muscle testing and UCM rapport, you’ll be glad you did. Learn in a day, use for a lifetime.

Make Sept – Dec 2018 your best year yet!! And set up a new strategy for 2019…


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