What is TransformationalTuesdays for Soul-opreneurs and Business Professionals


                                                                                          Learn more about the New Way of doing business by  integrTT Heather and Jess cropating New Energy Conscious into your every day activities.

The first in the 12 month series hosted by Heather Wilson of Spark your Vitality and Jessy Morrison of Your Body Talks to integrate energy work to tap into your authenticity, replenish your energy, and other tools you may never have used before to release stress and enhance your success.

Are you a Soul-opreneur? Following yourpassion, looking for ways to reduce overwhelm, increase confidence, get out of your own way, stay on top of your game, increase your health…


Do you ever feel like you struggle to make decisions because your gut is saying one thing, but your mind is saying another …

and when you go with your mind, you wind up disappointed?


When you ignore “that little voice” telling you to choose a certain way, do you suffer negative consequences and worse …

you feel like you KNEW this was how the situation would turn out?

Let us show you how to change this.

As we grew up our decisions were always challenged, projecting into our unconscious mind the importance of making the “right decision” or the “safe choice,” which doesn’t always line up with the option or alternative  that is BEST for you?

Now you will learn to trust your gut when making business decisions and stay healthy doing so. Remove doubt and know you are making the right choice for you.

Join us *right here* at ESS Direct Suite Success on the first of 12 Transformational Tuesdays, Feb 9 2016 for your LIVE group healing to release doubt and activate a deeper connection to “Hearing, Trusting & Following Your Intuition”

Invite your friends to join us! Cost is only $25 per person per session from 9:30AM – 12 Noon

Whether you proceed through the full 12 workshops or not, the realizations that you’ll gain from each session individually will change the way you view your world. Over the next 12 interactive Transformational Tuesdays we’ll be sharing more about the new business elements of:

• Sacred Commerce ( Earning money in authentically alignment, with your spirit of success). What has been stopping you.


• Business as a vehicle for your personal growth and satisfaction, letting it be transformational not just transactional

• Renewing your passion and zeal and making it contribute to you instead of using you up and wearing you out

• Authentically Being and doing in business without BEING sick, allergic, nervous, in pain, or anxious

• Using intuition to support your business growth (Energy awareness and expansion vs contraction. Practicing muscle testing, or body dowsing to help read your Truth meter)

• Removing the blocks of struggle to being empowered, transforming your relationship with money, being abundant, prosperous and living your innate birthright.

• We are going to hold up new mirrors to look at your perceptions, conclusions, illusions, attitudes, behaviors, and overall leadership capabilities.

• We’ll be helping give you a baseline for your current performance and situation.

• You’ll be making peace with ‘sales’. Telephoning clients and prospects is scarier than standing on stage naked! ‘Selling’ without being salesy, pushy, overbearing, or INAUTHENTIC. Empowering exercises and a powerful healing meditation to overcome your resistance to picking up the phone

• Finding out your truth about earning money, being in business, and your annual, monthly, weekly and daily earning set point. Plus tools to check in and make sure you don’t get back into default poverty struggle mindset. This one is fun, you get to roll around in the doh$$$

• but wait there’s more, but you’ll have to join us to discover what more fun is in store

♥♥♥♥♥♥ Mark these dates in your calender too: ♥♥♥♥♥
March 8, Apr 12, May 10, June 14, July 12, Aug 9, Sept 13, Oct 11, Nov 8, & Dec 13th to make this a year like no other.

Join us and bring your friends for the Launch and learn energy healing techniques to get out of your own way here at Transforamtional Tuesday!


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