UP, Up, and Away

hot air balooningLike most people there have always been some goals I wanted to achieve, or places to visit before I kick this planet. But rather than a list of what I might regret not doing before I depart, (that feels heavy to me), I look at my list  as a record of things that ignited my passions and encouraged me to step away from the “mediocrity” of the roles others wanted me to play. (That energy feels light and authentic to me.)

So I ask you, “Do you have a Bucket List?  Is it static or always changing?”

My bucket list is very active and helps me to follow my dreams and take steps towards my latest aspirations.

The word “Bucket list”  seems filled with the energy of sidestepping possible regrets or remorse, a maybe-never kind of unlikelihood. I could be wrong here, it might be different for you?  My bucket list has always been about looking for possibilities, for aiming at more immediate targets.

When I became a Flight Attendant so I could travel and experience the world as I saved money to go to med school ( everyone said I couldn’t) ✓ BUt I did…I accomplished part one – Stewardess & travel. However part two …

morphed into working in pharmaceutical marketing & advertising instead of med school, which then transitioned into a new awareness and education, and eventually catapulted me into being a trailblazer as an Energy Healer ✓ to express the truest essence of my soul.

Being married was never on my list, but being a mother was. Well “someday maybe…” ✓ Yet once I fell in love, being married and having it last 20 years was a beautiful accomplishment, having two beautiful kids who are my best friends is another miracle I am proud of. 

In hind sight I see I am not good with “Someday” lists. When I want to do something it has to be now!!!!

What went on my bucket list: – Being a LaLeche League facilitator ✓.

–        Working on the Celiac board at Sick Kids hospital and lobbying all food manufacturers to bring awareness on gluten intolerance. ✓ (That took 21 years but now it’s the new “normal”).

–        Opening up a daycare, so I could be a stay at home mom ✓.  

–        Becoming an entrepreneur, opening a clinic and making energy work more mainstream ✓.

–        Being a founding member of the Ontario BodyTalk Association ✓.

–        Being a founding member of the WLLC Whole Life Learning Collective ✓.

–        Being a founding member of Transformational Tuesdays for Soul-preneurs to bring Energy and consciousness healing techniques into everyday business practices ✓.

–        Taking up hoola hooping as a sport at age 61. Really? Yes too much fun ✓.

–        Learning Aerial Silk Acrobatics  at age 62 ✓.

–        Enjoying Ax Throwing as a hobby ✓.


These are not things I could have put on my list until after they were accomplished, because they hadn’t even been invented yet.

Still on my bucket list is a trip in a hot air balloon, – someday before I kick off, because somewhere in time I got the romantic notion that having my ashes taken up in a hot air balloon and scattered in the wind is how I want to depart this planet. And I really do want to do it one day while still breathing but it’s not urgent, it is just an “ I’d like to”. Otherwise I just take steps to do what I really want to do. No regrets here.

Perhaps your list is living too, constantly changing and transforming/ morphing as you gain new awareness’ or priorities  in the now, not eventually or “someday when”.

ax throwing croppedI like to enjoy life in the Now, not live in the regret of not having done what is important to me.

I have never had ax throwing on my goals list, but once I was given the invitation to do this, it became a definite “Yessss! Certainly!” ✓ I’d like to start my own league. iana, wants to open up her own location. How cool is that? we all find inspiration in the most interesting ventures.

One day I may go hot air ballooning in Arizona or on Safari in Africa. I may do that when I retire, but oops I don’t plan on retiring any time soon, do I.

Hmm…I guess I should book that hot air balloon ride for next spring, so I don’t get distracted and miss it before I kick this bucket.

How about you, whats on your souls agenda? What makes you feel alive, excited, and optimistic.

What is your mission, take it off your one day list and do it now! No regrets, be You.


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(This article first appeared in Women With Vision Magazine)

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