Happy Valentines Day

♥♥♥ Happy Valentines Day

A time to Express Love to Others  Including Yourself


What an interesting week it has been. I know that Christmas for many people is loaded full of baggage, but I hadn’t realized that Valentines Day is just as charged & uber-loaded for many people. People either love it or hate it.  It brings up a lot of stuff to be dealth with. Wow. The clients that came in didn’t even realize they had hidden issues regarding “Valentines” –  giving /recieveing … getting/giving…  running their attitudes, but when the date or events were identified and released from their neurology it made total sense. What baggage do you need to let go of? Are you allergic to love?



“Amazing. I feel calmer. Last night my kids were screaming and acting out. I stood in the kitchen and tapped and tapped. Today I see my husband as the handsome guy I fell in love with. Thanks for clarifying that for me. I need to be conscious of what my body is telling me and asking myself yes or no.”    ~ Stacey C.

Stacey came in “disgruntled”. Feeling angry at herself, her man, the world, her kids, her colleagues, her life. She couldn’t articulate what specifically was wrong, everything just felt dissatisfying, and it frustrated her because she felt she had nothing to complain about. One session was all it took to wash away the overwhelm and feelings of being taken for granted; and fill her with a sense of balance and peaceful unconditional love again.


Who do you know that has been ignoring their own needs and giving too much without recharging? 

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Another Valentine Hint: Read The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman. He writes about the importance of being able to express love to your spouse in a way that your spouse can understand, and also have your spouse show their affection in the way you are most receptive to, so that you both feel appreciated. He calls this type of communicating using the five love languages.


Take his on-line quiz here to identify your love language, your kids’ and anyone else you are in relationships with.  http://www.5lovelanguages.com/


MYTH VS MAGIC: In this breakthrough book, Healing Myths, Healing Magic. Dr. Epstein divides the myths into four categories: Social, Biomedical, Religious, and New Age. He exposes each Myth individually, and suggests an Affirming Statement or “Healing Magic” to help us reclaim our body’s natural ability to heal.

Myth #1: Healing means consciously understanding what went wrong, or who did what to me.

Magic statement/mantra: To heal, I don’t need to understand why something has happened in my life, I just need to let go. I celebrate the miraculous interrelatedness of people, events, and circumstances. I allow myself to experience a new state of consciousness by expanding my chest with air, and placing my hands on my heart. As my body-mind heals, my awareness shifts, and old wounds dissolve into nothingness.

Ho’oponopono is an amazing tool to help you let go, to keep your Romance and Love alive, to cleans with forgiveness and disolve old AKA cords keeping disfunctional energy stuck. More on that next week!

Enjoy your loved ones on VALENTINE’S DAY

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