What is FLU SEASON anyway????

“Flu season is an annually-recurring time period characterized by the prevalence of outbreaks of influenza (flu). The season occurs during the cold half of the year in each hemisphere. Influenza activity can sometimes be predicted and even tracked geographically. While the beginning of major flu activity in each season varies by location, in any specific location these minor epidemics usually take about 3 weeks to peak and another 3 weeks to significantly diminish.” Did you know that despite higher incidence of manifestations of the flu during the colder months, the viruses are actually transmitted throughout populations all year round.

Don’t be afraid, only a deficient immune system succumbs to …

bacteriaViruses: including Flu, Colds, Epstein-Barr, Warts, Hepatitis, Shingles, Fever Blisters, Genital Herpes

Bacteria: including Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Stomach Ulcers, Bladder Infections, E-coli, Lime Disease, and Ear, Eye, and Tooth Infections.

We are not helpless!

Rather than planning to be ill, you can learn to boost your own immune system with BodyTalk Access. No pills, supplements potions or lotions! Germs are all around us every day, not just in November. We are just more run down in November and December when our body wants to rest and hibernate and instead we gear up for full time work as well as holiday preparation and festivities! YOUR body knows how to combat germs when we give it a chance. Take back control of your health!

The BodyTalk System™ has a simple yet revolutionary approach to viruses and bacteria. This approach is becoming widely known for its effectiveness in many parts of the world where medical help and hygiene are minimal, financial and pharmaceutical support is non-existent, and diseases such as Tuberculosis, Malaria, AIDS, Cholera, and Yellowfever are prevalent. It is also proving effective where strains of viruses and bacteria have adapted to become immune to antibiotics and other medications!

mouth-swabIn the BodyTalk System, a specimen of your own saliva is used to help the body recognize and address microbes. Curious? Saliva contains information about any and all viruses and bacteria present in the body. A healthy body creates a FEVER as a necessary and healthy reaction to a infection, in order to burn off microbes. But reliance of, and overuse of, acetaminophen does not allow the body to react with a fever, so microbes often remain latent in the body, causing chronic illnesses. Compound this by a sluggish or overwhelmed lymphatic system and the body’s ability to repair or clean up illness is further reduced, causing long term autoimmune disorders that also further compromise your immune system.

classHelp is here! Learning BodyTalk Access™ Fast Aid re-establishes lines of communication within the body that have been blocked by exposure to viruses, bacteria, and day-to-day stresses that reduce the effectiveness of the immune system. Using BodyTalk Access techniques daily recharges the body’s own innate healing ability and mobilizes mechanisms to address viruses and/or bacteria, with the correct timing and sequence for your own body.

Are you interested in a form of natural healthcare that:

  • can be used by itself, or combined with any other health/preventive care model
  • recognizes and addresses all sides of the human being: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, hereditary, and environmental then BodyTalk and BodyTalk Access are for you.

Join us in the upcoming workshop presented by Dave Huff Parama Practitioner Saturday Dec 3rd, from 9AM- 4PM – and have your self a healthy happy winter season this year, and every year from now on.

Call or email Jess to register for The Dec 3rd Workshop 705-241-8680 relief@jessymorrison.ca

“If you are proactive about your health and looking for tools that keep your body in optimum health then look no further, This one day workshop will not only combat flu, coughs and colds, but will maintain and optimize your health, and give you tools to use for the rest of your life. 10 minutes a day – you are worth it. My entire family has taken the class.”

Ian M.

Using BodyTalk Access will help your body make use of any supplements and medications more efficiently, it will become a great add on to your present medicine kit. Learned in just one day to be used for your entire lifetime.”

Call Jess to reserve your spot today $165 and join the new paradigm of Health Care

If you can’t make the class then book yourself a session to “tune-up” your immune system.

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