What is behind your pain?


FHA behind pain1 1068x724During my 20 years of practicing Energy Healing I have found one Universal Truth: PAIN means “Pay Attention Inwards Now”

Did you know that PAIN stems from unresolved and unacknowledged repression of emotions.


E-motions mean energy in motion. If energy is repressed then dis-ease and pain results. We label these pains Arthritis, Allergies, Anxiety, Angina, Headaches, Migraines, Frozen shoulder, Fibromyalgia, Cancer, Carpal Tunnel… the list is endless.


Now, breathe deeply, and just for a moment consider that Pain is just information. Pain is not the problem, it is just the mesenger, but it can also be a great distraction.

Want to know more?  (This article first appeared in the FHA- Family Health Advocacy – April 2017)

 In my training of Body Talk, NLP, Psych-K,Access Consciousness, and the other modalidies I have studied, I have repeatedly learned that Pain is just information.


Neither negative nor positive, pain is just ongoing feedback, “an indication of our current energetic vibration”. Or an indication of parts of our body that are not in sync with our total energetic vibration.


PAIN lets us know that we have something to discover and resolve. Stressful thoughts, limiting beliefs, worrisome stories replaying in our unconscious mind… these are reflected in your body. Often we inherit them from our ancestors, other times we pick them up from the energy around us, our environment, our media, our families and circumstances. When communication within the body cells is disrupted, we blow fuses, set up handicaps, and our perfect blueprint is derailed.


Your BODY is  your GPS, or rather it has the key to an effective built-in Human Guidance System that unlocks these hidden blocks preventing our mind and soul to communicate effectively. When we experience emotions that don’t feel good, it simply means that we are not in-line with our ‘true’ or ‘higher’ self. Our spirit is the part of us that lives at the top of the Guidance Scale in joy, love and self empowerment.


This is where we embrace the basic spiritual truths that:

  •        We are worthy, deserving, loveable, loving, brilliant eternal BE-ings
           Each of us is an important significant part of the Divine plan
         We have a miraculous perpetually healing organism we call a body.

Knowing this truth, is not the same as embodying it. I love witnessing my clients RECLAIM their health and life after sessions. I love doing demonstrations and talks (group healings) at corporations and watching employees have ah-ha moments.

Helping people Reclaim their healthy body, by Refreshing their Mind, and Renewing their Spirit keeps me in my energy vibration of truth, joy and awe. We can all attain Complete BE-ing Clarity, if we listen to our bodytalk.


Are you listening? What is your body saying to you?


The really fascinating truth is that all of this can be reversed and healed. Energy consciousness work is quick, easy and fun, you don’t need to rehash the past, get stuck in the story, or stay in the pain.


If you are in pain, pleaseexplore energy healing … Reiki, BodyTalk, Psych-K, Acupuncture, and other modalities will provide you relief from the root cause. You will be amazed at the quick results, and love your new found understanding of your Self and your energetic vibration.

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