What is BodyTalk – A Health Care System Designed by Your Body, or a Down to Earth Intuitive Training and Spiritual Development?

Truth is Body TalkTM is both! A Health Care System Designed by Your Body, AND a Down to Earth Intuitive Training and Spiritual Development! pain hidden emotions

A pain reliever, and an eliminator of disease. A way to calm the mind and eliminate fears, phobias, trauma, and stress therby enabling the innate healing ability of your body to take over.

An integration of all the medical models from around the world, including Reiki, Quantum healing, NAET, BIE, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Eastern Medicine, Consciousness work, Epiginetic’s, Tensegrity theory, chiropractic, to alleviate pain, and a side effect of this is becoming happier, at ease, more conscious and aware of your spiritual truths and values. 

It’s as much or as little as you want it to be, as much or as little as the individual practitioner’s trainings allow it to be, and as much or as little as the client is ready to allow and shift. The big difference with Body Talk is, we ask the “Expert” –  YOU/Your Innate and Unconscious mind.

We do not guess, prescribe, or diagnose, we simply follow the links your body asks us to repair, form, or dissociate from. Each session builds on the last, and does whatever your body demands of it. Your cellular memory knows what and where the imbalance or stressor was created.

When I started Body Talk in 2006 it was

to help me understand Reiki & EFT at a deeper more intellectual level. (After all I had worked in the pharmaceutical field for over 25 years).

By this time all I wanted was to help my mom and kids thrive with good health, instead of struggle with allergies, disease, pain, anxiety, and depression.

I was sick of hospitals and dire warnings of permanent mystery illnesses.

My pharmaceutical background was failing me, the answers I was seeking were no longer in pills, potions, and steroid creams, nor had they ever been, it just took me 40 years to admit that.

My journey with Body Talk (all 26 levels, and numerous other trainings) has taken me on such an awakening of profound proportions it gets hard to express it in words! I cannot imagine living without it and the miracles I witness daily.

This adventure has shown me that our miraculous bodies hold all our secrets, our denials, our coping mechanisms, or drama’s and trauma’s. However, and this is the important part, it is willing to let it all go too, once you hold space and time for it to focus on it. This amazing body, it blows fuses, gets stressed, and needs tune-ups regularly, cleaning continuously, energetic hygiene daily, reprogramming and updating often.

Just like showering and brushing our teeth we need the energetic tune-ups to keep our body, mind, and spirit in tune, running smoothly and progressing.

Esther Hicks calls this energetic alignment “Tuned up – tuned in – and tapped in” . Connecting our body with our intuition and unique spirit’s mission and purpose.

amygdala hijackWhen the communication between our head and soul is disrupted by stress, and out-of-tune, the body suffers.

Therefore: the body is our GPS (personal guidance system) to intuitive training and our spiritual development.

As we seek to open our intuition from spiritual perspective, so we can better understand who we are as souls, and when we do that all pain and disease is dissolved and eliminated. Warning Side effect: we step out of victim hood into manifesting of our destiny!

Puts a different perspective on pain and illness doesnt it!?

I used to think if I helped people eliminate their pain they would pursue enlightenment. But, I have found the opposite to be true, when we find enlightenment that is when our pain and drama disappears permanently.

pain resizedPAIN means Pay Attention Inwards Now.

Ask your body what you are holding on to, what are you hiding from yourself, where are you stuck in denial of your own magnificence?

This isn’t about asking the intellectual mind, it’s about building rapport with your Unconscious mind, 80 trillion sentient cells that make up your “meat suit” and really getting to know yourself, your thoughts, beliefs, ideals, values…

(Most people need help to do this, my help. You’ve spent most of your life hiding and ignoring the information, popping Tylenol to mask the sensations until they keep quiet no longer).

In my Body Talk practice I incorporate all the 40 different modalities I have studied in the last 25 years, including Soul Profiling of Star-seed’s, Access Consciousness, card readings, crystals, essential oils, sound healing, TAT, EFT, Akashic Records, and more to LISTEN and Uncover the Answers you’re Aching to Know. In my early days I used to focus on people with MS, Cancer, frozen shoulder, depression, anxiety, allergies, migraines, hormonal imbalances, fatigue, digestive issues, arthritis, and of course mystery conditions exacerbated by Stress. We are all unique and individual, the reasons we are out of balance are not just structural, nutritional, or conscious. We are so much more complicated than what we see on the outside or hear in our own thoughts.

When the above symptoms present themselves know this; you are very simply -off your path, and your body is asking that you stop being distracted and get back on track. That’s where I can help you. Come in when you are triggered by someone, an event, a situation…

When you are at neutral you are USING and ORCHESTRATING THE FLOW OF ENERGY, instead of blocking it, you can project it, use it, flow it, stop it fromleaking away. You are in flow instead of in struggle!


Similar to the Music Conductor bringing all the musicians together instead of just letting them make noise, BodyTalk helps all your body parts, organs, endocrins, meridians, energetic systems, cells, work together in harmony. That’s how I think of myself, a conductor gently bringing all aspects of you together, working together, in tune, to make fine music!

So now breathe, take a moment to feel your inhale & exhale, notice your body expanding and contracting, feel your rhythm …and now stretch and yawn. The yawning reboots your entire CNS.

Ready for your tune up? Feeling a little off, stiff, out of sorts?  I sell family packs too. Reserve your personal session here.

Or join our Group Healings, every Wednesday evening 7PM EST for only $49CA. Reserve your seat here.

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