What is the difference between a Success Mindset and a Struggle Mindset?

thumb positive mindset vs negative minsetHave you ever noticed that there seem to be many people who have the same knowledge, background, and opportunities … but still everyone’s results and satisfaction levels differ, right?

Why do you think that is?

It is said that our personal reality is created by our Personality, and our personality is honed by our mindset.
On the surface we seem the same, but in our mind we are different.  Different experiences and our interpretations of those events create who we have become.

The people who have a SUCCESS Mindset have a GROWTH MINDSET resting their attention on CHOOSING A LIFE THEY LOVE, and the people who Struggle or Fail have a FIXED MINDSET focusing on what they think is wrong or broken about themselves and spending all their time trying to FIX the past. Whether its your health, your relationships and communication, or your urrent finances, we are all working on some aspect of living creating and choosing a life we think is possible.

So what is the difference between the two mindsets?

Which do you resonate with?

In a GROWTH mindset we notice Opportunities.

In a FIXED mindset we only see obstacles & problems.

In a GROWTH mindset we seek to scale and grow.

In a FIXED mindset we seek security and stability.

In a GROWTH mindset we take charge to change the status quo.

In a FIXED mindset we have forgotten to question, we are resigned to what is.

In a GROWTH mindset we reach out and help others.

In a FIXED mindset we are consumed in complaining about our own life.

In a GROWTH mindset we listen to negative self talk and move past it without

 giving it much power, we’re guided instead by internal inspiration.

In a FIXED mindset we listen to negative self talk and give it more power than our self and our dreams, and we spiral down the emotional scale into victimhood or self-pity mode.

In a GROWTH mindset we love to learn, take help and keep upgrading our knowledge, spending time with people who motivate us to do better.

In a FIXED mindset we spend time with people who sympathize with our current setback and stay stuck.

You may have a mix of the above, depending on what you are resting your attention on.

No behaviors are right and none are wrong, they are all part of our programming, training, domestication, and conditioning.

positive vs negative mindset dialHowever one thing I know for certain is your programmed limintating beliefs can be changed. We are vibrational beings, continually expanding, experiencing and evolving.

So the questions I ask you is this: “Which mindset type would you like to be more of?

Which type of mindset do you need to adopt more of in order to achieve your dreams, visions, aspirations & goals?

A growth mindset or a fixed mindset person?

A stuck or evolving person? Someone creating Pain, or Health & Success.
(PAIN is an indicator your are off your soul’s track and energy is fixed instead of flowing).

Let me help you let go of your limited beliefs and grow.

Let s work together to help you step into your infinite self, and out of the self-conscious finite memories that keep you small.

 My 6 month mentoring program graduates are now preparing to fly on their own, so I am taking applications 3 new clients. Are you ready to step into your potential and release pain and dis-ease and step into being At Home In Your Own Body, in your community, on this planet?

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