What miracles are you focusing on?

If I had a dime for every time a client asked me, “But Jessy, How can you believe in Miracles?” ….
The real question is “How can I not expect them (in this world full of infinite possibilities)?”
My doctors told me I would never birth children, I have 2 miracles – my son and daughter.
Doctors told me my Mum wouldn’t live thru the year, that was 25 years ago. Oma is now 95 and hasn’t been on medications for over 20 years!
Doctors told me I would have allergies forever; oops my bad, got rid of them 27 years ago. Found out about gut health, cleared trauma from the body with Body Talk and Reiki and …oh the adventures I have had proving to others Ragweed is not the villain to blame.
Bankers told me I would never afford a house as a self employed single mom! who’s laughing now?
My doctors told me I would wear corrective lenses for ever, and then at 50 my eye doctor asked me why I wear glasses, I didn’t need ’em and he had my drivers license changed.?
My list of miracles witnessed can go around the world hundreds of times. So, how can I not believe in Miracles?
Just for today take a moment and list the miracles you have witnessed, and savor them. They are everywhere, teach yourself to notice them. How? Read more here
My kids and I have “A GRATITUDE JAR” we fill up daily. Every day we write on separate slips of paper at least 3 things we are grateful for that day. New Years Eve it has become our tradition to dump out the jar and read at least a couple of gratitudes, (usually we read all 900!) It is amazing to realize what a great year you have had instead of the unlucky one or unfinished business your mind focuses on and imagines.

What are you focusing on? The positive in your life or the negative? The mind censors everything you think, and not all of what you think is true. The mind needs to filter all the crazy amounts of info that it receives every minute, and it filters by deleting info, distorting info and generalizing…

The NLP communication model2 255x300 head deletes distorts filters and generalizesDeletion:
Deletion occurs when we selectively pay attention to certain aspects of our experience and not others. We overlook or omit others. Without deletion, we would be faced with too much information. Maybe you already are overloaded with information and you feel like you have too much.

Distortion occurs when we misrepresent reality by making shifts in our experience of sensory data. In Indian philosophy, there is a well-known story of distortion in the rope versus snake analogy. A man walking along the road sees what he believes to be a snake and yells “SNAKE.” However, upon arriving at that place he is relieved as he discovers that what he sees only a piece of rope.

Distortion is an important component and can be used to motivate ourselves. Motivation can happen when we actually misrepresent, change or garble the material that has come into our neurology. The information has been changed by one of our filtering systems.

Finally, comes generalization, and here we draw global conclusions based on one or two experiences. Do you know someone who has one experience and forms an opinion about all similar experiences? EG: “I hate all Indian food because I ate curry once and did not like it.” so try something else instead of cloncluding thta is the only dish they cook!!

Usually, the conscious mind can only handle five to seven pieces of information at any given time. It gets overloaded. So, we tend to oversimplify, make decisions and set attitudes based on insufficient information. It’s critical to understand this in terms of how we sinthesice and interpret info about ourselves, who we are and are capable of, including our health and presenting symptoms and dis-eases. Generalization is very common in the world today. Everybody does it. It’s is a result of the digital information causing information overload and taking over sensibility.

So just for today … List Your Miracles to inspire you on those days you feel disheartened or like the world is going to sh*t. Let it be light, fun and easy. And remember miracles come from chaos not from control. The mind likes to compartmentalize, filter, and focus on the negative teach it to rest its attention on the positive and miraculous happening to you instead.
If you need some help reframing thoughts or shifting pain into passion and power let me know. I am here for you, and I’d love to mentor you to do this yourself.

So, have fun, chill out and then have some more fun.

And we’ll talk to you again in the next newsletter

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